Spider-Man’s Starbucks & Disneyland’s Fastpass – Geeks Corner – Episode 639

Spider-Man's Starbucks & Disneyland's Fastpass - Geeks Corner - Episode 639

Welcome to Geeks Corner! This week there is Spider-Man, Starbucks, Disneyland, Star Wars, and more in the episode! The show starts with the new Fastpass system at Disneyland. Then, it’s time to talk movies. In the world of Star Wars there have been lots of changed with the untitled Han Solo film. But really, the Geeks are more interested in Porkins! Mr. DAPs, Cameron, and Caitie all give their Porkins pitches. Cameron’s goes one way and Mr. DAPs pitches Porkins as the all-around good guy. After a brief discussion of the D23 Expo film panel, it’s time to talk Spider-Man. Today a video was released of Spider-Man at a Starbucks. Back at Disneyland the trains are now running tests before they return on July 29th. CHOC Walk through the Park is just about two months away and the Geeks share about their team and their goals…. that includes shaving Cameron’s beard. Don’t miss out on helping a great cause and also shaving Cameron’s beard! Finally, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room celebrated it’s 54th anniversary last week and the Geeks share their favorite characters and songs from this magical show. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Geeks Corner! Please join us on Twitter with the hashtag #GeeksCorner!

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