New Trailer and Photos Released for Star Trek: Discovery By CBS

Today during the CBS upfronts in New York City a new trailer and artwork was released for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery television/webshow. The show is set to take place ten years before Star Trek: The Original Series. It was also announced that the show has upped its episode count from 13 episodes to now 15 when it arrives later this year. It will also be partnered with a companion show called Talking Trek. This show will be presented on CBS All Access, which is where Discovery will be presented after first appearing on CBS for its first episode.

Star Trek: Discovery – First Look Trailer
Star Trek: Discovery Photos

Star Trek: Discovery comes to CBS ALL Access this fall and will focus on the story of a first office in Starfleet who discovers that in order to explore space and meet new aliens, one must first explore and discovery themselves.

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