Looking Back at the Guardians of the Galaxy Grand Opening Gala

Guardians of the Galaxy Grand Opening

Guardians of the Galaxy Grand Opening

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! has had a small presence for some months because of the building.  But, it is a big occasion to have the first of Marvel attractions at an American Disney Resort.  So, it came as no surprise that the Disneyland Resort would celebrate it with a huge gala to welcome the Guardians.

Riding Rocket’s Rescue

The day began with a ride on the newest attraction at Disney California Adventure.  Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! may have a former ride system being used, but it’s a whole new attraction.  Approaching the building there is a sense of being on a different planet.  The interior has been transformed into a huge Marvel studded lobby.  Various character easter eggs are all around the queue for Marvel Comics fans and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

Fans of Disney Parks will find plenty of hidden gems in the queue as well.  In the lobby is Figment in one display case.  Other cases house props that were formerly part of the Marvel section of Innoventions.  In the loading line area are a couple of great former attraction animatronics: Harold from Matterhorn, and the octopus from Country Bears Vacation Hoedown.

The ride surprised me at how it starts launching you from the get go.  Having a classic rock soundtrack adds to the fun and energy of the attraction.  Though having been a huge fan of Tower of Terror, I like this attraction as well and will gladly ride it again…and again.

On Display

In the main media center were several snacks to partake of.  The main snack in full supply was Tivan cookies.  These could be grabbed along with logo embroidered Tivan napkins.  On top of tables were Tivan light sculptures.

Over on side tables were all the merchandise and food offerings for the Summer of Heroes.

Grand Opening Gala

After riding the ride a couple of times, and seeing Avengers Training Initiative and Disney Jr. Dance Party, the party began.  The gala was all along the main road of Hollywood Land, and also the backlot area of the land.  A black carpet led the way to a lit up video walkway.

The walkway led to tables that sat amidst several food options.  All of the cuisine was themed to Guardians of the Galaxy.  One of the more interesting features was an anti-gravity wall with ceviche.

Collector fortress costumed people walked with dispensers of “spinal fluid” which was a cocktail in test tubes.  Another Guardians themed offering now available for purchase were the nachos and tacos.

All of the food reminded me of Food and Wine, and was just as delicious.  It was a great mixing soirée.  A band played classic rock hits which fit with both the party and Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.  I was very impressed with the band as they were a stellar sounding group.

Amidst all of this were photo opportunities with various backdrops.  The most fun was the one where media guests could hold up green screen squares that would reveal characters from Guardians on the cameras.  The idea was to be disguised as the characters.  It was a great video and photo souvenir.

Opening Guardians

After a lot of food and mingling, it was time for the ride to be officially opened.  Bob Chapek was introduced by the Collector’s alien helpers.  In his speech was a not so subtle hint that more Marvel will be coming to Disney California Adventure in the future.  It didn’t just sound like another ride, but even more would be present in the park.

Chapek gave way to James Gunn, the director of the Guardians films and a collaborator of the ride.  He explained how he had always wanted to make films that would become attractions at Disney parks, which means this is a dream come true for him.

Gunn introduced a few cast members of the films including Zoe Saldana, Pom Klementieff, Michael Rooker, and Benicio Del Toro.  Del Toro initiated the actual opening of the attraction.  Fireworks and lightning projections concluded the ceremony and opened the attraction.

More rides were offered because previously only one ride sequence was being done.  Now all the six sequences could be ridden.

In all the day was a great introduction of Marvel to the west coast park.  The Summer of Heroes is an incredible sight to see.  Mission Breakout is a great ride that offers something different than before.  Its re-ridablility makes it a great feature for DCA.  This was a day to remember, and it kicks off having more memories from the summer festival!

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