DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Mickey Ears – A Walk-Through

It’s been nearly a week since the second volume of Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters, and we’re only two weeks away from Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! opening in Disney California Adventure! What does all this mean for me? Planning a Guardians-inspired Disneybound and making ears to match, obviously! If you have some extra time to spare, these ears are fairly easy to make! Here’s how we did it.

We started with a trip to our local craft store where we found the floral wire to bind pieces of the ears together, and the wire to construct Mickey ears. For the Groot set, we found hollow birds nests to stand as the ears, and artificial leaves for decoration. For the Rocket Raccoon flower crown, we bought orange and black artificial flowers to make them pop. The headbands themselves were found at Target, and are specifically designed to be gentle on the wearer’s head so that they don’t cause any unnecessary pain or headaches.

I am Groot
  1. Begin with hot gluing the nests to the headband at the angle you prefer to create the Mickey Mouse silhouette
  2. Separate the leaves from their roots, and decide on leave size for the ears
  3. Hot glue leaves on front and back to hide any extra glue from the nests
  4. Let it dry and enjoy!
Rocket Raccoon
  1. Start by cutting the wire to the length you want to create your ears, be sure they are big enough to stand out over flowers
  2. Smooth out the wire by wrapping it around a circular surface, such as a jar of peanut butter
  3. Connect the wire to the headband with floral wire, making sure to wrap tightly so ears don’t budge
  4. Separate flowers from stems, and begin by hot gluing smaller filler flowers to the band
  5. Put in larger flowers towards crown of head, and arrange smaller flowers to peak through so you have both colors showing
  6. Add smaller flowers to any blank spots you may have
  7. Let dry and enjoy!

Now while these directions are pretty straightforward, the entire process is pretty time consuming, and certainly draining, so make sure you bring your patience! Here’s some extra tips we gathered:

  • Have wire cutters handy for both the silver wire and cutting the flowers off stems
  • Bring a friend! These were made side by side with my best friend, Veronica, and this made time go by so much faster and we could add input to help each other
  • Have some music! Extra points if it’s Awesome Mix Volume 1 & 2

Hopefully this review was helpful, and be sure to let us know if you create your own!



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