Disney Junior Dance Party is an Energetic Time for Kids

disney junior dance partyDisney California Adventure has premiered its new kid friendly show: Disney Junior Dance Party.  The lively show is full of characters and, of course, dancing.

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The Show

The show starts with a live host coming through the audience.  As this DJ greets guests a tablet enables a lucky kid guest a chance to start the show with music.  But, first, it’s shown that grown ups can’t do it right.

Once the party gets started, another DJ joins the show to help show off moves kids can do to the music.  They both explain how they’re throwing a party and have guests coming.  At some point, it’s realized that Mickey and friends didn’t get sent an invitation.  Mickey and the Roadster Racers get invited via video, and decide to speed over to the party.

In the meantime, the DJ’s visit several shows including Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital, and the Lion Guard.  Each time it’s visited, a character is spun from the screen to the stage.  Dance moves are demonstrated for the kids to join in on.  In theater effects are used at various times too, like snow fall and bubbles.

The show concludes with Mickey and Minnie arriving to the party for one more dance.

disney junior dance party


With the show being called Disney Junior, it is definitely aimed at children.  But, it’s not just entertaining for kids.  Adults can find fun at how fast paced the show is.  Several screens keep attention on them around the room.  It is a fun romp for the whole family.

The show is somewhat different than the previous Disney Junior show.  Having it more about dancing keeps kids engaged with what is happening.  The high energy doesn’t have the show drag in any way either.  It’s also very full of interaction which grabs kids’ attention too.  This is definitely an attraction to not miss if you have young ones!