Avengers Training Initiative Debuts at Disney California Adventure!

avengers training initiativeThe Avengers have taken residence on the Hollywood Land backlot stage.  In a show featuring Black Widow and Hawkeye from Marvel fame, kids get to participate with the heroes.

The Show

Two trainers from S.H.I.E.L.D. start the show off and explain how they are getting to train new recruits.  The new recruits are kid guests that sign up nearby before shows start.  One parent is able to have reserved seating near the front in order to capture photos of their kids battling Hydra.

After the agent trainers introduce the recruits, Black Widow and Hawkeye show up to assist the trainees in their exercises.  As they go through a sequence, various heroes of the Avengers are described with their signature moves.  The routine incorporates the moves.

The next exercise is also a mission.  Power banks are being depleted and if they reach zero it will cause computer memory to be wiped.  The trainees take power cell tubes and plug them into various consoles around the stage.  Lights on the consoles correspond to what cell goes where.

When all of that is completed it’s revealed that Dr. Zola, a computer Hydra agent, has taken over S.H.I.E.L.D.  He’s also used a traitor in the midst of the team.  The trainees must defeat Zola and free the base.


The show is part Jedi Training Academy part stunt show.  Yes, there are stunts in Jedi Training Academy, but this has much more to them as it also uses the scaffolding above the stage.  For kids, it’s a great way to be a super hero.  I will say the show is more for these kids than for the audience.  But, having the stunts makes it a great show.

There are some great nods to the movies and even other parks.  Iron Man appears in video form and acknowledges he can’t be there because of being in Hong Kong fighting Hydra robots.  This is a reference to the recently opened attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland starring Iron Man.  Another nod is in the form of Zola himself.  His computer self was first seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and since then we’ve not seen much of him.  Having him as an enemy in the show is a great way to connect to the movies and have a different type of villain.

The show will only be appearing during the Summer of Heroes.  Also, like Jedi Training Academy, sign ups start in the morning and are usually filled by the afternoon, so be sure to get to that quickly if your child wants to participate!