Parades of the Park – Hong Kong Disneyland In Detail

FlightsFantasy 7We’ve been to every land.  We’ve looked at a hotel and a great show.  Now it’s time to end our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland with a look at the parades of the park.

Flights of Fantasy

This parade originally premiered as part of the 5th anniversary, and was alive and well for the 10th anniversary of the park.  Just because it was this old doesn’t mean it was aged at all.  Flights of Fantasy had a lot of color and magic to share along the parade route.

FlightsFantasy 17The moving show starts with Dumbo and the marquee.  From behind him you can hear the live marching Disneyland band playing along to the lively music.  It sets the stage for a lively parade and catchy tunes along the way.  After Dumbo is Mickey and the rest of the Fab 5 on their own float.  A steampunk style flying ship holds the main mouse, while Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Minnie are underneath.  Mickey has an aviator outfit on, while the rest have some unique costumes for the occasion.

Winnie the Pooh in a Heffalump infested flying honey pot is atop the next float.  The rest of the Hundred Acre Wood crew is along the rest of the float.  There are several performers in appropriate Tigger and honey type costumes.  There are some bouncing acrobats on the float representing more of Tigger’s signature moves.  The float is akin of the Heffalump and Woozle dream Pooh has as there are many of the creatures all around it.

Following Pooh and company is a princess-centric swan float.  Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle are together in this lavish vehicle.  Dancers dance around the royal welcome as well.

A jungle themed float is next.  This float doesn’t represent any particular animal movie, but a few.  Jungle Book takes up the front, while Tantor from Tarzan sits on the trees.  Simba is behind him, and a few from the Lion King, like Timon and Zazu, are on the back.  This float had the most animation out of all the ones in the parade.  It was a lively jungle to behold.

Tinkerbell and the fairies of Neverland have their own airship float.  Lady bug cars let the fairies travel in style.  Right behind them is a Hawaiian themed float with a large Stitch riding a wave atop it.  Tiki masks sit under him, and a live Stitch greets those along the route.

Finishing the parade is a Toy Story unit with Buzz in front in a space themed barge.  Woody and Jessie are out front walking along the parade journey.  Many of the other Toy Story favorites are in this section, with many toy props.

The whole parade has a show stop with special music.  The performers that are on the ground pull out flags and banners to wave.  Each float has a reveal with it where a part of it seems to take flight (hence the name) and elevates above the crowd more than it did.

Flights of Fantasy was a very fun parade to watch.  Having the show stops was a nice touch, and it didn’t make the parade too long either.  The music was the same melody as Soundsational, which is found in Disneyland in California.  I would be one of the ones to notice well because of being a Disneyland Passholder.  Not all of the music was from the California one, but I found a few parts were similar.  And the lyrics were different.  It being a soundtrack I enjoy made this parade great!  Having the live band at the beginning started the parade off with a bang.  And from start to finish it was entertaining, exciting, colorful, and just a fantastic parade!

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Paint the Night

In Hong Kong, Paint the Night debuted first and has been a hit ever since.  Though now being in the original Disneyland, there are a few differences found between them.

But, first, an explanation of the order.  The parade begins with the usual Tinkerbell flying above her fairy friends.  The Monsters Inc. Scare Floor unit follows after.  Sully, Mike, and a few doors all dance to the music.  Lightning and Mack follow after, and a crew of dancing racers.  After that it’s Ariel, Triton, Sebastian, and HongKong_PaintTheNight 5Flounder with some aquatic dancers before and after the float.  Belle and the Beast’s rose are behind this.  Ballroom lights and dancers precede and follow the float.  Slinky Dog with Woody and Buzz are the next section.  Then it’s the finale with Goofy, Donald, and Minnie aboard magical lit up vehicles with Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice aboard the whimsical sculpture float.

If you’re familiar with the Anaheim version, this is going to sound very similar.  But, it’s in the details of the floats and performers that make up the difference.

Tinkerbell is a solo float.  Peter Pan and the large drum are not attached.  Magical strands are attached in the rear of the funnel like float.  For the Little Mermaid float, the performers before it have more of a variety to them.  The colors are a little different than the one in California, and there’s some kelp dress adorned dancers.  Instead of jellyfish and Nemo behind it there are fish that circle around walkers.  Subtle color differences make up the ballroom dancers for Belle’s unit.  The big difference, though, is that she isn’t dragging along smaller floats with Rapunzel and Cinderella.  Candelabras are being dragged instead, and tall roses walk along.  For Toy Story, lit up large yo-yos follow Slinky Dog.  In the finale there are some different dancers than the pin wheel adorned ones that are in the one here in the States.

It’s still a wonderful parade though there’s differences.  It was the original, after all.  The music in Chinese is still rockin’ and it’s a beautiful and bright set of entertainment.  Paint the Night is strong no matter where it’s seen!

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