New Starbucks Opens At Downtown Disney

DTDStarbucks 3The Disneyland Resort has quietly opened a new coffee house close to the Disneyland Hotel.  A second Starbucks location has opened today on July 18, 2016 for more drink enjoyment.  It’s a smaller location, but well accommodates those visiting this other end of the shopping center.  The inside is mostly the usual line, registers, and pickup area.  No seats were available, though there was something like a counter along the window.  Speaking of the window, this is probably the biggest feature of the shop.  The walls are windows that look out to Downtown Disney.  It’s a nice feature to watch what is happening outside while you wait for your drink.  Another interesting feature is a wall on the inside that has plants peaking out of it.  It reminds me of the grass roof of the main Starbucks at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.  Overall, this is a nice addition to the Downtown Disney area, and isn’t an overwhelming shop.  It’s quaint and still has typical Starbucks feel.  Time will tell how busy it will be, but it’s nice to have the other coffee option outside of the parks.


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