Earffel Tower Removed At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Orlando Sentinel has confirmed that the iconic Earffel Tower at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is now gone.  Walt Disney World announced that it would be coming down, back in January, as part of the ongoing renovation of the park.  The renovation is making way for Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, and some other entertainment opportunities.  The tower was part of the park for 27 years, and was present with the park opening in 1989.  Topping 130 feet, the tower served as the park’s icon for a number of years, and was “replaced” by the giant sorcerer’s hat that was installed as part of 100 Years of Magic.

The removal marks a big change for the growing park.  The tower was a symbol of how the park wasn’t just a park, but built to be a working studio.  Over time the studio portion shut down, but the tower remained signifying the origins of not just Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but the Disney company itself.  An iconic water tower sits on the Burbank studio property still today.

It might be sad to see the Earffel Tower go, but it means that new and better things are coming in!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Earffel Tower


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