The Muppets Light the Lights

The Muppets Light the Lights Again!

The Muppets Light the LightsThe Muppets are on a brief winter hiatus but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to be excited about. As they gear up to return from their winter break next week, The Muppets have taken to YouTube with a new video of an old favorite.

This new take on the theme song from the original Muppet Show includes some new and old Muppets and is in a completely new format. Take a look at the video and see how many of the new and old friends you recognize. There are a few that haven’t been seen on screen yet this season, and a few that are a bit of a surprise to see in this video!

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The Muppets return to ABC on February 2nd in their new time slot at 8:30 ET/PT.

Can you list all the Muppets included in this video in the comments below?



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