Now At Disneyland – Jedi Training Trials of the Temple

JediTraining 7Yesterday, Jedi Training Academy premiered its second incarnation: Jedi Training Trials of the Temple.  Taking place between Episode III and IV, the stage show still has younglings take up lightsabers against the Sith.  The story is now about two Jedi, one Master and one Apprentice, who are trying to find new Jedi in a time where most are wiped out.  All together they raise a Jedi temple where all will be tested.  Enter Darth Vader and Seventh Sister, the inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels.  But, these two are not the real versions of the Sith.  They are manifestations of fears of the group.  The younglings take turns fighting them, and ultimately push them back into the temple.  But, the Apprentice’s fears become real too.  Darth Maul appears and fights the Jedi one on one.  The group must help the Jedi before the Dark Side of the force takes over.  It’s successful and the group has passed the trial of the temple to become honorary Jedi.

The update to the show does make it better than it was before.  There is much more of a show than just the interactive element of it.  The whole idea fits to not try to explain why Vader suddenly appears to face younglings…and is defeated by them too.  Instead, this isn’t the real Vader anymore, so the defeat seems more of a test than a real battle.  It bodes well for fans in the audience, I think.  I like that there are more to the characters of the Jedi who are instructing.  The final battle is a fun and climactic ending.  There are new lightsabers for the younglings as well.  No more activating them, which seemed to take some time throughout the JediTraining 14previous show.  But, the sabers are sleek and looks more realistic than before.  I’m sure for the kids it makes it that much more exciting.  Of course the biggest update is with Seventh Sister, who fights alongside Vader instead of Maul.  She speaks throughout the battle, along with Vader, and has unique movements that solidify the danger.

The update is a welcome one to Tomorrowland.  It’s great to have a new story to keep things updated, especially capitalizing on Rebels popularity.  It would have been nice to have some more Rebels characters, but in all Jedi Training is even more watchable now.  I would sometimes stop to see kids duke it out with the Dark Lord of the Sith, but now I may go more often to see this more full stage show.

Enjoy some photos and video highlights below!

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