Is Jessica Jones Worth Watching?

maxresdefaultThe Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps getting bigger and bigger, and especially with today’s release of Jessica Jones on Netflix.  This next installment of the Defenders shows has Krysten Ritter as the title character.

Jessica is someone in Hell’s Kitchen, New York that wants to make a difference.  But, a traumatic past doesn’t help things for her, and the resurfacing of an enemy just makes things worse.  Oh, and Jessica Jones is a superhero with special abilities.

The series immediately opens with the adult tones the show will have.  There are some expletives that come out of Jones’ mouth from the get go.  Her job of being a private investigator leads to some steamy scenes.  This is not the colorful, language watching Captain America type movie.  Though it’s not done by the same producers and directors, there is grittiness like the Daredevil series.

jessicajonesIf Daredevil is a gritty mob drama, Jessica Jones is a noir mystery thriller.  There are flashbacks that appear like ghosts.  There’s a great mystery with Jones and even Killgrave, her foe.  It’s dark, but still has the touch of superhero to it.  There’s even a reference to Inhumans, who are seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Throughout the grittiness is Jones’ sarcastic humor, which is done right with Ritter.

Though there isn’t a lot of reference to other current Marvel shows and movies within the first episode, we do get some time with a future Netflix show character: Luke Cage.  There’s even a…um…connection of a steamy nature with Jones.  In the comics the two eventually are married with child.  For now, they are just meeting in the show.

So, is this a show worth watching?

It’s going to depend on the type of audience you are.  This is not a simple super villain versus super hero show.  It’s a show that will touch on some tough subjects like rape and post traumatic stress syndrome.  All of that makes this not a kids show, but it’s not a show for anyone looking for something “fun” like an Avengers movie.  This is the darker side of Marvel.

But, in the midst of all of it is a superhero with a mysterious past.  The series will unravel what happened to her and what she is going to do about her future.  It’s about seeking justice, and helping those that need it.  That’s what Jones is about.

What helps is a lot of this is set up in the first episode, and a bit better than Daredevil did.  I feel like I’m prepared for what the show could throw at me, where Daredevil had some cringe moments later on.  Sometimes I wished for a little more humor from Jessica to balance out the intense moments, but it’s still light compared to its predecessor of Daredevil.

Final conclusion?  It’s another Marvel hit, but not for the faint of heart.  If you were able to handle Daredevil, go for this show.  If you could only watch some of Daredevil, avoid this show.  Will you miss out on elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Probably, but it’s not worth the nightmares you could have from Jessica’s nightmares in the show.

Marvel fan?  Binge watch the show!  It’s one gigantic movie roller coaster.  It introduces great characters that will be around for more.  It’s addressing things that not many shows address.  It’s a hit, and probably will be for most viewers.  But, be warned that it has the mature rating for good reason.


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