Disney to Develop Film About Charles Darwin

Looks like Disney has a new movie in the works. This time around it is not a live-action remake. According to Deadline, Disney is moving forward to create a film based on Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin Portrait

Charles Darwin is known for his theories on evolution and natural selection.

Darwin had a bit of that Indiana Jones-like swashbuckling spirit in him, and in his formative years he took a daring five-year voyage in 1831 on the ship HMS Beagle, to chart the coastline of South America. He made many discoveries along the way which harnessed the later theories that would make him one of the most influential figures in human history.

The article goes on to say that Stephen Gaghan will write as well as direct the production. Gaghan’s past work includes Oscar-winning film, Traffic.

More information on the film is to come as news breaks.

What are your thoughts on a film surrounding a scientific figure?

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