Big Hero 6 Party

There are two things in this world my husband loves almost as much as Geek Baby and myself: Disney and Robots. So, the release for Big Hero 6 resulting in a bit of a nerdgasm for my engineering husband. We saw the movie the day it came, we wanted to see it so badly we took Geek Baby (who also loved it and was almost non-fussy). He has been on a robot high ever since! Think about different designs, solving problems and trying to justify the purchase of a 3D printer.

Naturally, when his birthday came about 2 weeks later I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do for his big day. I love birthdays and I love throwing parties, so this was the perfect chance for me to do something I love for the man I love. (Yea, that a lot of love!)

I turned to Etsy and found Olivetta Designs. She does some amazing printables with Disney designs including Frozen, Princess Sofia, Cars, Maleficent and, of course, Big Hero 6! Now, I have never done printables before, but as soon as I saw her designs I knew I had to have them. After only a few back and forth messages, she sent me over a PDF file with everything I needed to print my heart of out for hubby’s 29th Birthday Big Hero 6 style.

olivetta designs
Please take a minute to check out her store by clicking the image.

After some careful decision making, I sent what I wanted off to Office Max and the t-shirt place to be printed and spent the night before hand cutting everything up (with a little help from my neighbor). I only had to do a few extra things for the party like buy sodas, get balloons and make cookies and cupcakes. Oh and get his presents. Squee!!!


I saw this pin and knew these were what the cupcakes had to look like.

 big hero 6 party

But I wanted make a strawberry cake from a recipe I had been saving, so I made this cake into cupcakes for the party.


I wanted it all to be a total surprise, so I woke up crazy early the day of his birthday and put everything together. My hubby works swing shift so I was able to make the cupcakes and cookies the night before, then I just assembled them in the morning. I put everything together, took pics for the blog (duh) and then got Geek Baby ready in his Happy Birthday, Daddy onesie and we woke up the birthday boy! It was a fun, perfect day of video games, snacking and celebrating!

Check out all the fun from my husband’s 29th Birthday Party Big Hero 6, with a special touch of Baymax (the sipperonly available at Tomorrowland) sent all the way from Disneyland care of Daps Magic!








big her 6 party