Creators of Animated Series "Kate & Mim-Mim" Share Their Inspiration Behind the Show

The newest animated series to premiere on Disney Junior is that of “Kate & Mim-Mim.” This series is filled with many adventures featuring lead character Kate and her toy rabbit, Mim-Mim. What is so special about this series is that two worlds are featured in each episode; the real world and Mimiloo. If Kate ever feels like a problem needs to be solved, she ventures to her imaginary world of Mimiloo with Mim-Mim. Anything is possible in Mimiloo and you can be whatever you want to be.


Recently, audiences in America were charmed with the first episode of “Kate & Mim-Mim” on Disney Junior. The special episode titled “A Christmas Wish” gave viewers the true meaning of who Kate and Mim-Mim are. So with this charming cast of characters, plot lines and animation design, who are the great minds behind this project?

Recently, I was able to interview the creators of the show, Julie and Scott Stewart. The husband and wife duo shared some insight with DAPs Magic on their animated series.

The concept of this show is that of one that is close to their hearts. Inspired by their two year old daughter at the time, the world of Mimiloo was right in her very own imagination. Their daughter, Kate, now seven, was in complete admiration of her toy rabbit. This lovable toy was named no other than Mim-Mim. “We thought she was trying to say mom mom,” said Julie Stewart. “This was the third word she ever said.” To her, her toy rabbit was real. During our interview, Scott Stewart noted that one day he was feeding pine nuts to Mim-Mim and his daughter truly believed that her toy rabbit was enjoying the pine nuts.

It was not just their daughter that helped inspired the animation series. Having two other children, the couple was and still is inspired by their children’s imagination daily. The Stewarts even mentioned that all their children have helped in the process of the show. The children will give out ideas and sometimes there are up to “500,000 ideas a day,” Julie jokingly mentioned. What is even more awesome is that there are several episodes based off of concepts that their children have given. All in all, this animated show of “Kate & Mim-Mim” is truly inspired from the heart and the minds of a child’s imagination.

As for the creative duo team of Julie and Scott, working on this project together was a pretty easy process. This was one of the first times that they were able to be solely in charge of the creativity in a project. The team worked together to create a show that many adore and when asked about working together, Scott mentioned that he enjoyed everything about it. “You can’t stop and then the ball gets rolling.” The couple has been working together on all types of projects since they were 24. So collaborating on a process like this was one that was well enjoyed. “Producing the show together was a dream,” said Julie.

When putting this show together, it was important for the Stewarts to give viewers a lead character with a lot of motivation. For many cases, the creators enjoyed the fact that they created such an aspirational female character with so many ideas and a powerful use of imagination. “It’s so refreshing to see a strong little female that can be anything. She does everything with guts and gusto,” said Scott. Through the season, we can look forward to Kate being a pirate to a pilot to even a dinosaur tracker. She can be her own person and is able to express herself. As for her dear rabbit friend Mim-Mim, his goofy and silly personality shows that he truly cares for Kate. The two together make the perfect team. When asked about Mim-Mim’s character, Julie replied, “He doesn’t always have the right answers but he isn’t afraid to fail.”

This series just doesn’t involve Kate and Mim-Mim. There are a variety of characters in Mimiloo, all with their own unique personality. Other friends of Kate include the brother and sister Lily and Boomer, Gobble and Tack. Each character brings something new to the table and there will be plenty of adventures to be had together throughout the series.

When asking if Julie and Scott had a favorite character, they both replied as it being too hard to choose. “They all really have become our babies,” said Julie. “All represent something special to use and we can see a bit of ourselves in the characters.” If you have watched this animated series, you can tell that each character really has something special about them.


As the series progresses through the season, the Stewarts noted that there will be plenty of adventures and fun times. With new stories, you never know what Kate and her friends in Mimiloo will be up to.

“Kate & Mim-Mim” is now showing on the Disney Junior channel. Be sure to check it out. I know you will enjoy it. If you would like to view the TV schedule for the Disney Junior Channel, please click here.

A special thanks to Julie and Scott Stewart for their time. It is great to hear such an inspirational story of how this family created a show together for all to enjoy. Also a special thanks to Fremantle Media for their help in setting up this interview.

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