The End of Marvel Comics?

Marvel_Everything_Ends_2015Today, Marvel released maybe the most ominous teaser for events next year.  Where many of the cover images have said there would be a great deal of summer releases, this particular image says Spring 2015.  Everything Ends is what is on this image.  What we know is that in the summer after will be revisits to lots of former Marvel events.  Is everything really ending in Marvel Comics?  I feel doubtful of this, but something big is coming that may reshape much of the Marvel Universe.

One thing I hope that doesn’t happen is a complete reboot in the style of DC Comics.  DC has the New 52, which was a complete relaunch of their comics.  But, it means that all their former comics, even dating back to the 1930’s, are not canon anymore.  Marvel has done a good job at not having convoluted stories that can engage readers at any point.  DC had trouble with that.  So, I hope it turns out to be just a major Marvel event, not a reboot.

Below are two more teaser images for events in Summer 2015.

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