Once Upon A Time: Family Business (S4E6) – Review

Oh things are getting chilly in Storybrooke! As more is reveals it will have you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Quick Recap

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Belle is on a quest to discover what happened to her mother, who has died at the hand of Ogres (which is what lead Belle to Rumple many seasons ago). She sneaks off to Arandell on to find the rock trolls. She runs into Anna at the Oaken’s shop who offers to help her after discovering that Belle’s mother has died. Anna is on her way there anyway to learn more about her Aunt from Grandpapi because she doesn’t trust her.

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Belle gets to talk to Grandpapi and he pulls her memories and places them into a stone that she has to use when she gets home. Anna then asks Grandpapi about her Aunt and he tells her the story. Anna’s mother had two sisters, Helga and Engred, that just one day they vanished causing much heartbreak to her family. Grandpapi wiped the memories of everyone in the town after they removed all mention of the sister existence from any of the written archives, so that it was as if the two sister’s never existed. He was sworn to secrecy and Anna is left with more questions causing her to worry about the safety of Elsa.

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On their way back to Arendale, the Snow Queen sends a storm to attack Anna. Anna and Belle are thrown from their feet and Anna is barely hanging on. Bella has dropped her memory stone which is just out of reach and rather than helping Anna she tries to save the stone, which shatters and Anna fell. Anna is then captured by the Snow Queen along with her finding the Sorcerer’s Hat. Belle returns home and her father tells her what happened to her mother, how her mother sacrificed herself for Belle’s life.

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The Snow Queen locks up Anna because she thinks she was going to use the Sorcerer’s Hat on Elsa and her to take away their powers. The Snow Queen tells Anna that she will be replaced.

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In Storybrooke, Belle denies ever knowing Anna as Elsa gets more and more frustrated as she looks for Anna. Belle decides she has to make right what she did wrong so she uses Rumples dagger forcing him to take her to the Snow Queen. Rumple reluctantly takes her to the cave where the Snow Queen is hiding. She is looking for the Sorcerer’s Hat, which she believes is in the possession of the Snow Queen. She in turn discovers the Snow Queens secret mirror. The mirror is her reflection that instills so much hatred, fear and doubt in her, but is saved by Rumple in the end. The mirror makes her doubt Rumple and she cuts him as he transports her to Mr. Gold’s shop. She tells him about the mirror and Anna.

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Emma shares the video with her parents, Regina, Elsa and Henry of her with the Snow Queen as a child. They split up to look for her only to find more from Emma’s past in the hands of the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen has kept files on Emma since she came to our world including the newspaper clip, old drawings, cards and a scroll with ancient writing on it. Elsa finds a book with a family ledger showing Emma and Hook that the Snow Queen was her Aunt and that she had second sister. Elsa also tells her that the Snow Queen was specifically looking for Emma because she was the savior. The ancient scroll (prophecy) read by Elsa, tells Emma that the Savior will become the Snow Queen’s sister

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The tension between Rumple and the Snow Queen also increases. Rumple desperately wants the Snow Queen to make a deal with him, but for what we don’t know. It appears that the Snow Queen has something on Rumple and he doesn’t like it. But when Rumple tells her he knows about the mirror and reveals to her that he has the Sorcerer’s Hat the tables turn.

once upon a time

Belle tells Emma, Elsa and Hook about the Mirror. Rumple said that the mirror has terrible magic, the spell of shattered sight, making everyone in the town turn on each other leaving only Elsa, Emma and the Snow Queen, her perfect family.

What Did I Think

Oh it just gets better and better. I love that the story of the Snow Queen is unfolding and everything starting to make more sense. I also always love a good Belle storyline. It seems like Rumple and the Snow Queen are trying very hard to unfold things their way while the gang tries to fill in the blanks. I am convinced that Rumple is the reason the Snow Queen is in this world, some how some way. I also find it very Freaky-Friday that Emma looks just like the missing sister, it makes me wonder if Snow White is in some way related to Elsa’s family since there is a look-a-like.

I am dieing to find out where the Snow Queen has hidden Anna in this world and I also can’t wait for Elsa and Emma to team up to take the Snow Queen down. I just wish I understood what the long play is for the Snow Queen and why such an elaborate hoax to get what she wants.

I am also still suspicious about Rumple’s dagger, does Belle have the real one or not? Is he using his bride to become all powerful? That couldn’t have been his plan all along, because he found the Sorcerer’s Hat AFTER he got married. I just don’t get what he is doing and feel like Belle is being strung along with all his good intentions.

Also I just love rock trolls, even if they seem to be really creepily powerful.

So What Now?

There are still more questions: How did the Snow Queen come to Storybrooke? How did she get in that Urn? What happened to her middle sister? Who wrote the story book? What is going on between Rumple and the Snow Queen? Why does the Snow Queen want to make a magical family with Elsa and Emma? And where is Anna!? We have a lot more to unfold, but I have a feeling it will all happen between now and the mid-season finale.

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