Review of the Big Hero 6 Soundtrack

big_hero6Big Hero 6 is quickly arriving. Today, Disney has released the soundtrack to the film and it’s available in digital and cd format. The composer is Henry Jackman, of Wreck It Ralph fame. Along with this composer is Fall Out Boy to deliver an original song for the movie called Immortals.
Having not seen the movie, it’s hard not to guess elements of the plot from the titles of the tracks. Each seem to be titled appropriately. The great thing about it is the soundtrack seems to include a lot of the music from the film.
As for the original track, Immortals, it has a very fun beat and melody to it. In typical Fall Out Boy fashion, it has pop and rock styles backing it. What may not be typical Disney is their “aggressive” vocal style. Following a movie with very musical stylings of songs (I’m thinking of Frozen with Let It Go), the song could be a very contrasting ballad for Disney fans. I like the song, but I will admit it’s not the most memorable of Disney songs. Though, sometimes there are tunes that grow on me, and this could certainly be one. One great part of the song is the influence of Japanese musical sound in the track. The song starts off with an allusion to a heavily Asian sound. It’s nice to have that touch with a movie that is inspired by Japanese Anime and even a city found in the nation.
Big_Hero_6_film_posterThe instrumental rest of the soundtrack is very tuneful. Because of Henry Jackman there are many similarities to the Wreck It Ralph soundtrack. There is heavy use of synthesized sound amidst the orchestral arrangements. There is a definite theme that is found throughout the instrumentals. It helps make it more cohesive than the Wreck It Ralph soundtrack.
Now, I personally like the techno vibe with the background music. Some of my favorite soundtracks are Wreck It Ralph and Tron: Legacy. But, I recognize that some will not feel comfortable with it. It’s not a very symphonic styling. It’s very modern, and has some other nuances to it, like Japanese influence.
Though I like the heavily technoesque sound, I must say that I wish there were more of a unique take on the musical stylings. It reminds me too much of Wreck It Ralph, and sometimes of Wall-E. If I’m way too reminded of another movie, I would dare say a soundtrack hasn’t quite done its job. It’s not a bad soundtrack, because I really am enjoying listening to it. But, for it being something that accompanies and helps create a uniqueness to the film, it may not be reaching that goal. I’m saying this, though, without seeing the movie yet, so that could all change.
In all, it’s a fun, easy to listen to soundtrack. I am finding myself listening to it over and over, and haven’t found a track I don’t like yet. It is an excellent album to grab, but a word of caution to Disney fans that it may not seem like the usual Disney soundtrack.

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  1. Hello McFly Avatar
    Hello McFly

    The more electronic and techno vibe seems right up my alley, I’m buying it! Thanks!

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