Firing Up Seven Dwarfs & Frozen Tokyo Disneyland – Geeks Corner – Episode 405

GeeksCornerEpisode405Welcome to Geeks Corner! Halloween has passed, Christmas is coming, and the month of Thanksgiving is here! If you have been around the corner for awhile, you know that Geeks Corner is BIG on Thanksgiving! This is the month of thanks so before anything gets going, take a moment to leave a comment of what you are thankful for. In fact, leave a dozen, two dozen, a hundred! Each thing that you are thankful for will be put on a card and then used to fill our “Thank Tank.” Yes, that fish tank with Nemo in it is our “Thank Tank.” We hope to fill it before Thanksgiving! And we will with your support!

This last week the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was fired up after some fireworks fallout caused some excitement. Nobody was hurt. Disney put it out immediately. The attraction reopened in just a few hours. The geeks talk about the firing up of the dwarfs of the Magic Kingdom.

Changes are coming to Tokyo Disneyland Resort. For sure these include the addition of a Frozen attraction. What else is coming remains to be seen. What IS known is that there will be a new Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland and a new area in Tokyo Disney Sea! Discussion on DAPscast is here.

Finally, time to move on to the Super Turkey. Yes, the Super Turkey is returning this year to Geeks Corner and you can make your own. Johnny 5 shows how to create your very own. Once you’ve made yours, please send us a picture of you with your Super Turkey and we’ll put it on our page:

Lastly we take a look at the upcoming events of the Disneyland Resort. This includes:

– Christmas Fantasy Parade/Believe in Holiday Magic/BVS Holidays – November 7
– Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon – November 14-16.
– Holiday Time – November 13-January 6, 2015.

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Let’s go to the corner!

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