Meet the original Jarvis with a sneak peek at Marvel’s Agent Carter, coming to ABC Jan. 2015!

Fans of Jarvis will be happy to learn that a sneak peek from Marvel’s Agent Carter. This show will be coming to the slot currently held by Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on January 20, 2015.

So What Do You Think?

If this clip is indicative of what the entire show will be about, I’m going to be a happy camper come January. Agent Carter herself will be formidable, strong, and conflicted. Howard Stark is Howard Stark. He will be a blast to watch as he brings the humor to some rather serious situations. Then there is Jarvis. I’m really looking forward to seeing the development of this character. What little is seen of him in this clip is exactly what I would imagine from what we know of him so far and that is awesome. It’s just a couple of months until Agent Carter hits television screens and I can’t wait. Beyond seeing the development of these characters, I’m also looking forward to seeing how it fits into the larger Marvel universe and also how it connects with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

What do you think of the clip?

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