Does Your Pet Dog Have a Disney Side?

Even your pet has a Disney Side, so why not show it off? Taking place on August 30 at Walt Disney World, Disney Side Dog’s Day will bring forth dogs dressed showing their Disney Side.


Before the park opens, 101 pet dogs will make their trek into the Magic Kingdom. Not only will they be dressed their best but, will also get to walk down the “green carpet,” attend a “doggie dance party” and enjoy a magical walk around the park. In addition, breakfast will be served.

Animal Planet’s “America’s Cutest Pet” crew will also be in attendance filming the dogs as they strut their stuff.

If you or someone you know is interested in entering their dog for this event, please email a photo of your pet in their Disney Side costume. Also, please be sure to provide your dog’s medical documents. Please send your email to

Disney Parks Blog provided some tips on what to do when sending your application for the event:


Showing your dog’s Disney Side means your dog should be costumed in a fun way, a way that also ties into what Disney Parks represents through its Disney characters and attractions.

Be sure your dog’s costume and photo of you and your dog comply with the official rules and contest criteria.

Be creative with the costume and the photo.

Make sure your photo is not larger than 2MB. Color and black and white images are acceptable.

Include all paperwork required in the Official Rules.

By entering the contest you agree to Disney’s Terms of Use


Don’t show any prominent brands or logos other than those on/in your Dog’s costume.

Don’t include anyone besides yourself and your dog in the photo.

Don’t show anything that might be objectionable, vulgar or obscene. Avoid rude gestures, and other inappropriate stuff and for your and your dog’s safety, don’t try any risky moves.

Entries will only be accepted from 11:00 AM (ET) on 8/22/14 and 11:00 AM (ET) on 8/24/14, with one entry per person.

If you would like more information on rules and regulations, please click here.

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