Disneyland’s Market House Starbucks Gets Opening Date

Market House Starbucks on Main Street at Disneyland

After months of being closed, the Market House Starbucks now has an end in sight. Yesterday, the Disney Parks Blog made an announcement about the Fountain View Starbucks opening in Epcot. At the end of this article, it was announced that Disneyland’s first Starbucks inside of the original Magic Kingdom will be opening on September 25, 2013.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, each Starbucks that is entering a Disney park (or Downtown Disney) is being imagined in a way that it fits into its surroundings. The Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom feels very similar to how it felt before Starbucks moved in. The Fountain View Starbucks has a very retro feel that feels almost more like the Epcot of yesterday than the current version. Come September 25, guests will find out how the new Market House Starbucks incorporated the history and feel of the Market House into its makeover. They will also find out if the beloved stove made it into the new location.

Starbucks will continue to pop up in more new locations around the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Once finished, there will be a Starbucks in pretty much any Disney destination a guest could feel like visiting.

Are you excited about these new Starbucks locations? Which location are you most looking forward to? Which drink are you most excited to now be able to get inside of a Disney theme park?