Caitlyn’s Disneyland Resort Trip Report 11/9-11

Hi everyone!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the start of the holiday season! I recently went to Disneyland and have a short trip report for you! My brother, William, and I decided just shortly before Halloween that we were going to go to Disneyland for Veterans weekend. I had a free night from, gas prices were finally going down (finally), and our parents said they’d chip in money for gas and food. I mean, how could we not go? We did the parks Friday through Sunday, and had a lot of fun, just us siblings. There were a few mishaps, like the parking people scanning my pass wrong and blocking me out for the evening, or the burnt out headlight that led to an early morning Auto Zone run, as well as pretty junky hotel, but all in all, it was a Disney trip, so it was a blast! We enjoyed being in the parks at Christmastime and seeing all the new decorations on Buena Vista Street and in Cars Land. They really know what they’re doing in the parks, because it was all perfectly themed and detailed. I loved it! For my brother and I, we took a laid back approach the whole weekend, and met up with my friend Bethany on Friday night too. Oh, the joys of being a Passholder! William and I even won FastPasses from the DCAToday Twitter contest that Saturday! We also ran into some of my Twitter/Instagram friends, Allen, Pauly, and Mr. Daps himself! It was fun to meet and chat with them all!

I also took on a challenge that weekend, and that was to eat on a budget for all meals. It is entirely possible to spend around $20-25 a day on 3 meals at the parks! The total I spent on food for the entire weekend was $46.92. That was for 8 meals and 1 churro. 2 meals were on the road, but I didn’t spend much on those meals either. Here’s a short breakdown for you.

Friday Lunch – Arby’s: $3.89

Friday Dinner – Award Wieners Plain Hot Dog with Apples: $5.76

Saturday Breakfast – Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe’s Strawberry Bowl and Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa: $6.39

Saturday Lunch – Harbor Galley’s BBQ Chicken Baked Potato: $5.85

Also- Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree’s Monte Cristo Bites $6.25   (William paid for the Bites, we split them as well as the potato)

Saturday Dinner – Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe’s Chicken Tortilla Soup: $5.03

Churro (A must!!!): $3.50

Sunday Breakfast – Jolly Holiday Bakery’s Cinnamon Roll: $4.57

Sunday Lunch – Pizza Ports Kids Spaghetti Meal: $5.95

Sunday Dinner – Burger King: $5.98

This brings the total to $46.92 of the items I purchased

*A few side notes about the food. If you haven’t had a stuffed baked potato from Harbor Galley, you should give them a try! And those Monte Cristo Bites, they are perfect if you want the taste, without paying $18-25 for the whole sandwich. The chicken tortilla soup is really good, but kind of spicy. And the kids spaghetti? Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t order that, or even have a child order that.

So how did I do all of this you ask? Well, there was a little pre-planning, thanks to MouseWait and their menu feature, and the fact that I’m a college student who didn’t want to spend a lot of money on food. Another factor that I forgot to mention, is that I took a water bottle and filled it up everywhere. I’m almost certain that you can get a free cup of ice water wherever you ask. The only drink I paid for that weekend was my hot cocoa. There was no way I was going to spend $3-4 a drink at every meal.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Look out for a new article soon as I’m going back next weekend (Nov 30-Dec 3)!


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