A First Hand Look at “One More Disney Day” – Part Four

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February 29, 2012 was a historic day for Disney Parks and Resorts. For the first time, both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World were both open for 24 hours. This “one more Disney day” began at 6:00 AM on February 29th and continued until 6:00 AM on March 1st.  Thousands of guests got to experience “one more Disney day,” including Alice Dang (@aliceedang). She so graciously shared her experiences at Disneyland for this event with DAPs Magic Disney News. Here is what she had to say about the day:

1. When did you arrive at Disneyland for One More Day?  How long did you stay?
I arrived at Disneyland at 5 and left at 10 to go pick up a friend. But didn’t officially leave Disneyland until 1.
2. What did you think of One More Day at Disneyland?

I thought One More Disney Day was fun up until I left around 10 when the masses of people started coming in. A great idea but poorly executed. For something that was marketed so highly, Disney should have been more organized in the late hours because the crowds were insane. It reminded me a lot of Grad Nite but with more people.

3. Did you have any problems with crowds or getting into the park? 
When I first went at 5, I had no problems with crowds. It was a pretty decent day. When I left to go pick up my friend, the crowds started getting bigger and it was kind of hard trying to get through Main St. Trying to get back in with my friend was horrible. It took a while to find parking because of all the cars. The lines for baggage check and Disneyland entrance was insane. My friend couldn’t get in due to the fact that he was a first-entry and yet only allowed re-entries. We waited a good 2 hours before leaving since he couldn’t get in. The line stretched from the Disneyland entrance to California Adventures. The crowds were worse than New Year’s.
4. What was your favorite thing about One More Day at Disneyland?

My favorite thing about One More Disney Day was the food. Although I didn’t get to try any of them, I really like the fact that Disney brought back some old favorites like Cafe Orleans’ breakfast and some new. I think it’s a great incentive for people to come into the parks because Disneyland food is simply amazing and being able to just try it is a great experience. Oh, and Modern Family being taped at Disneyland. That is just about the best thing ever.

5. Is there any one specific experience you had during One More Day at Disneyland that stands out to you?
I think just being there and the atmosphere Leap Day had. It was something that has never been done and to just be there with both Disney fans and guests was something amazing.

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