A First Hand Look at “One More Disney Day” – Part Two

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One More Disney Day - Leap Year - Disneyland - february 29, 2012

On February 29 at 6:00 A.M. the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and Disneyland both opened their gates for what would be a 24 hour day celebrating leap year. One More Disney Day was the first time that both magic kingdoms remained opened for a 24 hour day. Yesterday, DAPs Magic Disney News began a series of interviews that look at the experiences various guests had while celebrating One More Disney Day. Today, Baeli Reyes shares her experience at Disneyland. She showed up a little bit later than some guests but stayed until the very end.

1. When did you arrive at Disneyland for One More Day?  How long did you stay?

I arrived in the general park area around 12:30am and I didn’t get into the park until 1am. I stayed until 6:00am, my friends and I waited for the gates to open so we could leave. It was amazing watching the sun come up.

2. What did you think of One More Day at Disneyland?

I thought that it was pretty fun, although I was only there for a few hours, I loved the random dance songs and random dance parties that people, and myself, had.

3. Did you have any problems with crowds or getting into the park?

Well knowing that there was going to be a ridiculous amount of traffic, I avoided the major Disney streets. I parked in a nearby neighborhood and although the baggage people were telling us it’d take 2-4 hours to get into the park, I found a way to walk straight in. It took all but 10 minutes.

4. What was your favorite thing about One More Day at Disneyland?

Being crazy sleep deprived with my friends. I loved the energy of all of the guests in the park. Everyone had such a great time, there was so much laughter and smiles.

5. Is there any one specific experience you had during One More Day at Disneyland that stands out to you?

My friends were sleepy, so they decided that we’d go into Pixie Hollow and nap… Well, I had just gotten there and ate cotton candy so I was ready to party, but I ended up sitting on a mushroom with them all lying on the floor around me, and I was the lookout to make sure no one tried to kill them! Also, I really enjoyed watching the backwards sunset from the bathrooms on Main Street with some of my closest friends! <3

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