A Look Forward at D23’s three-day Smoke Tree Ranch Roundup

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January 23rd to January 25th of 2012 will be several days that will be unforgettable for a group of D23 members. This will be an event where they get to spend three fun filled  and memorable days (and two nights) at the Smoke Tree Ranch at the Smoke Tree Ranch Roundup.

The Smoke Tree Ranch is where Walt Disney used to go to vacation and get re-charged. For this special event, D23 members will be able to relax in many of the ways that Walt Disney did when he used to visit.

D23 recently released another Armchair Archivist episode where they took a look at the Smoke Tree Ranch. This video also gives a glimpse of what D23 members will be doing when they visit the Smoke Tree Ranch. This includes lawn bowling (do you know why?), camp fires, movie screenings, traditional western bbq, magic/comedy performances by Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Revue alumnus Dana Daniels, and also a “special Disney celebrity guest!” This video also answers the age old question that many people paying close attention to the Partners Statue (that statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in the Hub in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle) have asked…what is the logo on Walt’s tie?

For more information about the Smoke Tree Ranch Roundup and also D23, you can go to www.d23.com.

For more information on Dana Daniels, there is a wonderful article on him and the Smoke Tree Ranch Roundup here: http://d23.disney.go.com/news/2011/12/d23-presents-the-smoke-tree-ranch-roundup/ 




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