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A View of the Magic Kingdom - by Frank Anzalone

Frank Anzalone is an amazing photographer. Since his first visit to Disneyland as a child, he has returned to Disneyland with a camera in hand. Through the years he has taken many beautiful photographs and captured many magical moments. I have the honor of being a friend of his and getting to watch him shoot many of these pictures that end up treasures. Watching him take pictures today is much like it must have been to watch a master painter years ago. It would be an understatement to say that Frank has taken a few pictures.

One of the perks of being a friend of Frank is that I get to see these amazing pictures he has taken after the fact. In fact, several of them adorn the walls of DAPs Studios and also my house. Not everyone is this lucky though, until now. Frank has taken some of his favorite photos from Disneyland through the years and put them together in a book called, A View of the Magic Kingdom. This beautiful book is a treasure that is great for the coffee table, the Disneyland fan, or those who love Disneyland but can’t visit as much as they’d like.

On the opening page Frank talks about photographing Disneyland saying, “It is an ongoing quest – to find that unique angle, that moment in time when the light, the subject and action are in perfect sync. With camera in hand, I try to capture those special memories!” In this beautiful book, Frank has done just that.

Last night several friends were over and saw this book sitting on my table. After moments of looking through them, every one of them asked where they could get this book and wished they would sell it in the park. Well they don’t sell it at Disneyland but he does sell it online. You can get A View of the Magic Kingdom on Frank’s website here: http://www.mckyfoto.com/DisneyPhotos.html

A View of the Magic Kingdom is a fantastic keepsake that will be a treasure for any Disney fan. It also would make for a fantastic Christmas present so order it SOON!

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