Cars 2 Races to Home Theaters – A Blu-Ray Review by Mr. DAPs

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Add spies, explosions, action sequences, awesome gadgets, and some of your favorite cars together and what do you have? Clearly the answer to that is Cars 2. This sequel of the popular Cars franchise brought some of our favorite Pixar characters back to the big screen, and now the small screen, in this race around the globe and also against time.

Picture and Sound:

Cars 2 looked and sounded absolutely amazing. This comes as no surprise as most Pixar movies do translate to Blu-Ray Disc beautifully. The colors were vibrant, the clarity incredible, and the sound was immaculate. It was wonderful to watch this movie and not have any eyebrow raising moments of “they could have done that better.” Because frankly, after reviewing home movies for several years now, that is a regular occurrence. This is simply an amazing looking and sounding film.


Bonus Features:

The bonus features that accompanied Cars 2 wasn’t as exciting as other Pixar presentations have been. Sadly, there weren’t even enough to necessitate bullet points for this review. Let’s start off with the Audio Commentary. It included co-directors John Lasseter and Brad Lewis. It was quite interesting and there were none of the awkward dead silences that sometimes come with these. It really was interesting to see how Cars 2 came about and also learn some fun factiods about the flick.  Secondly, there were about ten or eleven minutes of Shorts included. The first short included was Hawaiian Vacation, about Barbie and Ken’s Hawaiian vacation. This is a really fun short and it is very well done. It picks up in the world of the toys where Toy Story 3 left off and I loved it. The second short has Mater taking flying lessons in a bit called Air Mater.  This was cute but was clearly a setup for the upcoming  direct to home movie Planes.


It is interesting to me to  be reviewing Cars 2 because I found myself really liking it. I saw it opening day in the theaters and enjoyed it. Watching it at home while reviewing it, I found I enjoyed it even more. I found this a bit interesting as it really didn’t do all that well in the theaters when stacked up against other Pixar films. There is a reason for this. It isn’t necessarily a family friendly film. John Lasseter makes mention that he wanted this to be a true spy film and they succeeded in doing that. The very nature of that means that there are intense sequences involving battles, explosions, guns, and other not so friendly gadgets. This really is an intense movie that may not be suitable for families with young children. On the other side of this though, if you like automobiles and you like James Bond like movies, you most likely will really enjoy Cars 2 just as I did. I would tend to guess that this movie is a perfect movie for dad’s to watch with their sons, just not really young sons. I definitely have to give Cars 2 a hat tip but, just be aware what you are getting into when you go out and get this movie!



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