Since 2004 when Daps Magic was founded, it has been a team effort. Daps Magic has a fantastic team of volunteers who help create the magic that is shared daily with its viewers. This is a team effort that brings together a bunch of different people to help create something special. Currently Daps Magic has people who write content and cover events for the various areas of the website, film videos, brainstorm ideas, photograph, design logos/images, help with technology, and keep Daps Magic focused as a part of the Daps Brain Trust. Each of these jobs is important and each member is valued for their contribution. Please CLICK HERE if you would be interested in joining our team.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening Day - DAPS MAGIC Team

Daps Magic Team:

Mr. Daps


The founder of Daps Magic, Mr. Daps has led the Daps Magic team since day one. He writes regularly covering Disney and positive stuff news. He can also be seen on camera hosting Geeks Corner and covering events on the Daps Magic YouTube channel. He has a vast knowledge of Disney, Star Wars, Star Trek, and several other geeky topics in his repertoire. He hosts Daps Magic (the Podcast) and co-hosts Influencing Magic, a Daps Magic podcast with Annie as well. An avid reader, he generally has a computer, iPhone, or iPad around to consume more information. He also loves to travel globally and compose/arrange/record music. Several of these compositions can be found on the Primordial Penguins website.

Mr. Daps has been featured on the following:

If you would like to interview Mr. Daps or ask him to write a guest post, please reach out here.

Angela Reynolds


Angela joined Daps Magic as a contributor in 2021. She has a deep love of everything Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. Angela has been a Disneyland Resort Annual Passholder and Magic Keyholder since 2007 and can be found at the parks nearly every weekend!

Roger Rabbit

Contributor/Geeks Corner Social Media Facilitator

Roger Rabbit is a correspondent for Daps Magic and helps keep things running smoothly on Geeks Corner. Behind the scenes, he always is the fact-checker. He also contributes regularly as a producer, social media manager, and stage manager.


Chaz Stories/Contributor

Hi. I’m Chaz and welcome to Chaz Stories.

Back in the late 1960s as a middle schooler — it was called Jr. High back then — I went to Disneyland for the first time. Of all the unforgettable memories from that magical day, the one iconic moment for me was entering Main Street USA and reading the words in all caps: “HERE YOU LEAVE TODAY AND ENTER THE WORLD OF YESTERDAY, TOMORROW AND FANTASY.”

Chaz Stories are offered to you to do the same. To escape from whatever has occupied your day and travel in your mind to another world of magic, beauty, friendship, delight, and love. In Chaz Stories, my hope is to transport your spirit to happier places and deliver a touch of Disney magic to your heart.

Michael Kelly

Walt Disney World Videographer

Michael aka Mikey Really Likey is Daps Magic’s resident Walt Disney World Videographer. He began his partnership with Daps Magic by helping cover the 2015 Disney 24-hour day from Walt Disney World. He is an incredibly positive and funny guy and we are honored to have him on our team!

Matthew Redrich

Mouseways Travel

Matthew is a longtime member of the Daps Magic team and a good friend of Mr. Daps. He also runs the official travel partner of Daps Magic, Mouseways Travel. Mouseways helps guests book their next Disney trip at no additional cost. They focus on getting the details and the best price so that you can focus on the fun part of your trip!

Caitie Bear

Caitie Bear

Geeks Corner Host/Editor

Caitie is the “barista turned vlogger” of Daps Magic. She began by sharing her love of coffee with Mr. Daps and it quickly evolved from there. She is now the most tenured GEEKS CORNER co-host and loves to share her geekdom with others. Her favorite things to write about are Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and theme park history. She is happy to have you here!

Doug Marsh

30 Years Ago at Disneyland/Contributor

Doug Marsh is a Disney historian, guru, and all-around nice guy. He first came to California and became a Disneyland Annual Passholder in 1990. Since then, he has been a fixture at the happiest place on Earth! He is the writer of 30 Years Ago in Disneyland for Daps Magic and contributes to other stories as well. His work, photos, and video can be found in many different corners of the internet and throughout Southern California, particularly in regards to Disney history.

Doug in Media:

Sarah Stubbs
Sarah Stubbs

Sarah Stubbs


Sarah is a long-time contributor for Daps Magic. She has been writing with Daps Magic since 2009. Not only is she a Disney lover, but she is also the resident foodie, originally spearheading Geek Eats. She also went on to create Geeks Who Eat further pursuing her love of the intersection of food and pop culture. Utilizing her degree in history she is currently contributing to the growing Daps History section of the site as well as covering Searchlight Pictures’ releases. 

Sarah in the media:

Murray the Bellhop


Murray the Bellhop writes for Daps Magic. He also can be found doing segments for both of the corresponding YouTube channels where he works both in front of and behind the camera. He often covers the Marvel universe along with random stories from the Walt Disney Company (including Disneyland). He is the Knott’s Berry Farm correspondent. He met Mr. DAPs on Disneyland’s birthday and a friendship ensued and eventually a partnership as he became part of the team of Daps Magic.

Annie Hobbs

Influencing Magic Co-Host/Producer

Daps Magic’s resident mermaid! Coming from a creative background, Annie joined Daps in 2014 as a writer, and reviewer, and eventually hopped in on the original DapsCast which ran from about 2014 to 2017.

She has dabbled in a variety of endeavors including musical theater, teaching visual & performing arts, vending at conventions & artist alleys, as well as creating sketches and animation cels in the Disneyana Gallery at Disneyland Park. Annie is now a full-time artist at The Walt Disney Animation Studios as an Inker & Painter.

Merlin Daps


The magician who kept things running for Daps Magic since day one, Merlin continues to be our tech guru for all the behind-the-scenes coding magic. He also can be found regularly behind a video camera at Disneyland as he films the Disneyland All-American College Band, Candlelight Ceremony, or other events with Mr. Daps. While mostly behind the scenes of Daps Magic, his contribution is absolutely essential to keeping Daps Magic up and operating on a daily basis. He also was the one who pushed Mr. Daps forward with the idea to create what would become Daps Magic.

Caitlyn Fonda


Caitlyn is a contributor for Daps Magic covers events from the perspective of someone who once lived in Northern California. She has covered events at the Walt Disney Family Museum and Pixar Night at Giants Stadium. She regularly visits the Disneyland Resort and shares her photography skills with Daps Magic.

Daps Magic Team Photos