Mr. Daps interviews people from the realm of Disney and positive stuff about… Disney and positive stuff! We hope you will join us for this new Daps Magic podcast. Please visit Apple Podcasts or Spotify to leave a kind review and rating! We look forward to chatting with you!

Mr. Daps has been covering Disney and positive stuff for 20 years in Southern California. Through those years he has interviewed Disney Legends, executives, chefs, media personalities, and more. He also has appeared on multiple outlets including KTLA, NPR, the Orange County Register, and others. This new podcast is a passion project of his where he gets to chat with people about Disney and positive stuff in a longer form and a different format. We hope that Daps Magic (the Podcast) will be fun, inspiring, and maybe even thought-provoking and we look forward to you, our listeners, joining the conversation in the comments and also by sending in clips through Spotify!