WATCH HERE: D.I.Y. Duck Debuts on Donald Duck’s 90th Birthday

90 years ago today Donald Duck made his first appearance in a Disney short. Today, he starred in a brand new short that was written and directed by incoming Disney Legend Mark Henn.

The short is called D.I.Y. Duck and has Donald Duck attempting to change a lightbulb. Of course, things don’t go as planned and eventually leads and explosive finale. The new short has been released on Donald Duck’s birthday and can be watched here:

Along with YouTube, the short will also be debuting on Disney+, Disney Channel, and Freeform. Disney shared the following information about D.I.Y. Duck:

This short finds Donald trying his hand at some home repairs which begin with the replacement of a light bulb and quickly turn into a series of comic catastrophes.

His temper flares and his frustration grows as things spiral out of control and lead to an explosive finale.

Incoming Disney Legend and renowned animator Mark Henn wrote and directed D.I.Y. Duck as his last project before retiring from the company in December 2023. The short is produced by Emmy® Award-winner Dorothy McKim and was created by the hand-drawn animation team at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Jennifer Lee, Disney Animation’s chief creative officer, executive produced.

The short also pays tribute to Disney Legend Clarence “Ducky” Nash, who originated the voice of Donald for his first 50 years, and who delivers the character’s vocal gestures and assorted wise quacks by way of archival voice recordings.

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