Venu Sports

Joint Sports Streaming Service to Be Named Venu Sports

Disney has announced that it’s joins sports streaming service with Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox will be named Venu Sports. Along with revealing the name, the logo was also shown. Both were done by Pete Distad, CEO of the forthcoming Venu Sports streaming service.

“We are excited to officially introduce Venu Sports, a brand that we feel captures the spirit of an all-new streaming home where sports fans outside of the traditional pay TV eco-system can experience an incredible collection of live sports, all in one place,” Distad said. “As preparations for the platform continue to accelerate, we are singularly focused on delivering a best-in-class product for our target audience, built from the ground up using the latest technologies to engage and entertain discerning sports fans wanting one-stop access to live games.”

The plan is for Venu Sports to be launching this fall. When it does, the intention is to bring together all three companies’ portolios of sports networks and some of their direct to consumer services. The companies hope that this will create a new streaming sports service that will allow underserved fans to get the most out of every game.

About Venu Sports

Venu Sports, the innovative future streaming platform being built through the joint venture created by ESPN, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, FOX and Warner Bros. Discovery, will bring together the collective companies’ portfolios of sports networks and ESPN+ – including content from all the major professional sports leagues and college sports. The formation and launch of the new service is subject to regulatory approval and the finalization of definitive agreements amongst the parties.

When it launches this fall, it will be available via a new app. Subscribers will also have the option to bundle it with Disney+, Hulu or Max. The platform promises to aggregate content to offer fans an extensive, dynamic lineup of sports content. The goal is to serve sports fans, especially those outside of the traditional pay TV bundle.

What do you think of the name for this joint venture? What do you think of the concept? Will you be subscribing later this year? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!