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‘Wish’ – Mr. Daps’ Home Entertainment Review

Disney’s animated feature Wish is now available for digital download or on physical disc formats. This is a movie that tells the story of a young dreamer named Asha who discovers the power of a wish and the importance of everyone having their own. This comes as she lives in a kingdom where everyone’s greatest wishes are given to King Magnifico for safekeeping and potentially to be granted during an annual ceremony. Asha soon finds herself facing off against the king with the help of a star, a baby goat, and some dear friends.


Wish really is a lovely film to look at. It does take some getting used to. Great efforts were taken to give it a classic animated look utilizing modern technology. This is very different than what we are used to in modern animated films. However, I did find myself really enjoying it by the end of the movie. The accompanying sound effects do exactly what they need to do to support the visuals as well. This is an enjoyable film to watch.


The extras for Wish really were a strong point. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how many were included! I was even happier to discover I really enjoyed watching almost all of them. This is a solid collection of bonus features and I wish this was the norm and not the exception. The making of Wish is a collection of featurettes under the blanket of 100 Year in the Making. This was very enjoyable to watch and should be watched in its entirety. The featurettes about a deleted song and deleted scenes were great additions to this bigger picture for the making of Wish. It really was interesting how much insight they offered into the film and also how Walt Disney Animation Studios does things. The animated short, Once Upon A Studio, is also included and fun to see as well.

Bonus Features*

  • Sing Along With The Movie
    Sing along with your favorite songs while watching the movie with on-screen lyrics.
  • Featurette: Once Upon A Studio
    Beloved characters from Disney Animation’s 100 years come together for an unforgettable reunion.
  • 100 Years In The Making – The Inside story on the making of Wish
    • What Makes Disney, Disney
      Learn what makes a Disney film and its characters so distinct, memorable and beloved. Discover how Asha and WISH are quintessentially Disney — from the extraordinary challenges Asha must overcome, to the magical, Kingdom of Rosa
    • The Wish Equation
      What is a wish? Join the filmmakers for a surprising conversation as they break down the “Wish Equation,” discuss the “rules of magic,” and describe the role music plays in Disney films. Then hear Julia Michaels’ own original demo of “This Wish.”
    • Looking Backward To Go Forward
      Walk the aisles of the Walt Disney Animation Research Library as the filmmakers “draw” inspiration from 100 years of animation. Learn about the “Pinocchio test,” and how Wish’s design blends new technology with classic techniques.
    • Where Dreams And Reality Collide
      Discover the times and places that were the inspiration for Rosas and helped build the world of this original fairy tale.
    • Asha Means Wish
      Learn all about Asha, from her inspired design to her boundless determination and generosity. Uncover the subtle symbolism in her jewelry, and dive into her dancing skills. See how she’s imperfectly perfect and what makes her a memorable Disney hero.
    • The Return Of The Disney Villain
      You’ll love to hate King Magnifico when you uncover his secrets. Find out what makes him the classic Disney villain — and why he doesn’t wear a crown.
    • Star Is Born
      Uncover early concept drawings to see how Star evolved into Asha’s lovable wish facilitator. Learn about Star’s sparkles, and why Star can communicate with Asha and the other characters.
    • Those Who Stand Beside Me
      Learn more about Asha’s closest allies, Dahlia and Valentino. Find out which of Snow White’s seven companions served as inspiration for Dahlia, and how Valentino breaks one of the rules of Disney animals.
    • When Wishes Come True
      Get to know the kids inside the filmmakers as the creators of WISH reflect on what Disney movies meant to them growing up, and what it’s like being part of the Disney legacy today.
  • Featurette: WISH D-Classified
    WISH is filled with references and nods to other Disney films from the studio’s 100-year legacy. From hidden Mickeys to more subtle tributes, you may have caught many of them, but check out this “D-Classified” piece for ones you may have missed.
  • Featurette: Outtakes
    Step inside the recording booth with the brilliant and talented actors of WISH for some creative fun as they bring their characters to life.
  • Featurette: Deleted Song “A Wish Worth Making”
    Directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn introduce this poignant song sung by Saba Sabino (voiced by Victor Garber) expressing what it’s like to be reunited with your one true wish.
  • Deleted Scenes – Check out some scenes that didn’t make the Final Cut.
    • Magnifico’s Secret
    • The Wishing Tree
    • To Rosas
    • Finding Flazino
    • Valentino Is A Star
  • Song Selection – Jump to your favorite musical moments, with on-screen lyrics.
    • At All Costs
    • This Wish
    • I’m A Star
    • This Is The Thanks I Get?!
    • Knowing What I Know Now
    • This Wish (Reprise)

*Bonus features may vary by product and retailer

Final Thoughts

Disney’s Wish is an a fun film to watch. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed the songs. I enjoyed the music. I enjoyed the animation. The one thing I did find difficult with it is seemed a bit disjointed. It is an enjoyable film but it also is a flawed film. It has some great songs that will get stuck in your head and characters that are absolutely charming. Overall, it’s a movie that is worth watching and worth owning. The bonus features are also definitely worth watching. I’d say it was one of the better collection of bonus features released by Disney recently. Wish is a lovely film and I give this home entertainment release a hat tip, especially when considering the bonus features. It is definitely one to have in the home movie library but it probably will not join the ranks of great Disney animated features like Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Frozen.

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