Disneyland Paris Disney Symphony of Colors

Disneyland Paris Reveals Disney Symphony of Colours Decorations for Main Street, USA

Starting on February 10, 2024, Main Street, USA will be decked out with decorations at Disneyland Paris for the Disney Symphony of Colours. This celebration will continue through May 5, 2024. Ahead of its arrival, Disneyland Paris has given a look at what guests will get to experience when they visit Disneyland Paris.

Main Street, USA is decorated with dazzling decorations that include a sprinkling of color, a twinkling of light, and alsot some flowery touches to “wake up winter.” This is thanks, of course, to some Pixie Dust that is sprinkled by Tinkerbell and her sister, Perriwinkle.

The land is decked out in dazzling decorations with sprinkling of colour, a twinkling of light and some flowery touches that ‘wake up winter’ thanks to Pixie Dust sprinkled by Tinker Bell and her twin sister, Perriwinkle. 

Disney Symphony of Colours celebrates the wonders of nature in both winter and spring. The decorations draw inspiration from Art Nouveau and celebrate the richness of Disney’s stories. Guests will be able to discover over 50 Disney Animation and Pixar characters including Donald Duck, Tiana, Elsa, Woody, and many many more!

The decorations were created by Disneyland Paris’ Entertainment set design team in collaboration with French artisans to combine a range of skills. This includes sculputure and ornament modeling. Check out the video that Disneyland Paris released showing this off here:


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