Baby Elephant Named Corra Born at Disney's Animal Kingdom

New Baby Elephant Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

For the first time in seven years, a new baby elephant has been born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The African elephant calf was born to Nadirah and mother and daughter are currently backstage bonding. Disney shares that the new calf is “bringing plenty of joy to our animal care team this holiday season.”

The new little tyke, named Corra, isn’t so little and weighs 218 pounds. Her birth was planned at Disney’s Animal Kingdom through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan. This is a program that helps ensure responsible breeding of endangered animals that are in managed care.

Nadirah got pregnant through natural breeding in early 2022. She’s received special care from Disney’s animal care team throughout the 22-month pregnancy. It took an entire team of cast members to care for her and then when she arrived, the newborn calf.

Moving forward, the duo will be cared for by animal keepers and Disney’s veterinary team and scientists. They will undergo post-natal exams and also spend several days bonding before they join the rest of the herd. During this ponding period, the elephant team is watching both mother and daughter to share key moments like successful nursing and also weight gain.

Both elephants will be receiving excellent care moving forward. This will include animal keepers who carefully have observed the expecting mom to endocrinologists who monitored hormone patterns and veterinarians who helped manage the overall health of the calf. Disney promises to continue to share milestones in this young one’s life both before she was born and after.

What do you think of Corra? Have you seen a calf at Disney’s Animal Kingdom before? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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