Wondrous Journeys - Day Five - 23 Days of Thanksgiving

Wondrous Journeys – Day Five – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

Today I’m going to continue with things I’m thankful for that happened over the summer at the Disneyland Resort. In this case it is the fireworks spectacular Wondrous Journeys. It debuted earlier in the years a part of the 100th Anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. The celebration of Disney100 kicked off at the Disneyland Resort with the opening of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, a really cute cavalcade, Disney100 statues and decorations, merchandise, food, and entertainment. One of these entertainment offerings was Wondrous Journeys.

Wondrous Journeys is a celebration of Disney’s 100 years of animated storytelling. It shows moments from these last 100 years of stories through projections on Sleeping Beauty Castle, Main Street, it’s a small world, and also water screens on the Rivers of America. Oh, and did I mention the music? Along with some incredible musical moments from Disney through the years, the new theme for the show was fantastic as well.

Not only am I thankful for this show that celebrates 100 years of Disney storytelling and magic, I’m thankful for the different opportunities I had to see it with different people. There were so many magical moments shared with friends and family while watching this show. It definitely is one of my favorite fireworks shows that Disney has created through the years.

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What are you thankful for today? Join us in the comments and share what you are grateful for as we celebrate 23 Days of Thanksgiving!


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