Tokyo Disneyland - Day 19 - 23 Days of Thanksgiving

Tokyo Disneyland – November Nineteenth – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

Disney creates a special and unique experience worldwide in their various parks. Tokyo Disneyland takes it to a whole new level, especially when you visit with young children. Last year I visited Tokyo Disneyland with my elderly parents and children aged 5, 4, and almost 1. One of my children also has special needs which was an additional consideration.  I remember feeling a tad apprehensive of how the trip would go seeing as each member of our party had specific needs that would need to be met and there was a wide age range between them. My actual experience of the day completely blew me away in the best possible way. We entered the park to cast members with giant Mickey hands waving at the kids and giving each one special attention.

The day just went up from there. Within a few minutes, each child and adult had First Viisit stickers and a smile on their face. The cast members engaged with my children to truly experience the magic of the park while accommodating my parents to let them be a part of each adventure in a way I had never seen before. The remarkable part that stood out to me was the joy each cast member displayed in creating special moments for my family. This truly stands out to me as the magic of Disney and exemplifies what Walt originally wanted to create; A place where adults and children create memories together.

There are technological advances, delicious popcorn, and other special aspects of the park I could highlight but this is truly the most astounding detail Disneyland Tokyo has been able to accomplish. It is the realization of the vision I see when Walt talks of his aspirations for Disney parks worldwide and I can give it no higher praise than this. When I think of what I am most thankful for regarding Disney, this will always stand out. A place where age has no meaning because all are able to play together, love one another, and enjoy the magic that makes Disneyland the happiest place on earth. 


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