McDonald’s are everywhere. I have flown around the globe and if there is one constant thing I have seen everywhere, it is the Golden Arches. This trip to Japan is no different.

Although I’ve been in Japan for a few weeks, today was the first day I had Japanese McDonald’s. We stopped by one of the cleanest looking McDonald’s I’ve ever seen as the night fell on our day trip to the Izu Peninsula. I had kid duty so stayed in the car and hike my sister ran in to order. I told her to surprise me with something different. That is what I got for sure.

She came back with an interesting meal. She got each of us Teriyaki McBurgers, fries, and a cup of coffee. The burgers were definitely nothing like that have had anywhere else. Oh, and they were very messy! It was a very thin paddy with teriyaki sauce on it, mayonnaise, lettuce, and pickles. It was not my favorite burger in the world. It bordered on too salty and teriyaki sauce wasn’t super interesting. It was kind of one note and not super sweet. The best part of the burger was actually probably the mayonnaise. It tasted different and complimented the vegetables on the burger. The bun was as a fairly normal bun, perhaps slightly different than what is the U.S.A. With the quality of breads found everywhere in Japan I have had this trip, this definitely felt like a step down a bit.

The fries, on the other hand, were delicious on a cool evening that was in the mid fifties. They tasted about the same as what we would get in the United States and the accompanying bbq sauce was as well. They were a nice follow up to the burger. The coffee was ok as well. So far, for fast food/mini marts, 7-11 definitely has had the best coffee consistently. This definitely surprises me every time as it is so different than what I’m used to experiencing.

I will say that as I looked at the menu through the window I was intrigued by other things on the menu at McDonald’s. Will I try them? Perhaps! If I do, I may have to do a follow up review. I may simply try something I could get in the United States just to do a direct comparison. That is unless anyone has a better suggestion!

Have you made McDonald’s in Japan? What did you order? What did you think? Any suggestions on what I should order next time? Let me know in the comments below!


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