Spaceship Earth - Day 16 - 23 Days of Thanksgiving

Spaceship Earth – Day Sixteen – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

There is something very special about EPCOT to me, particularly Spaceship Earth. Yes, I love the attraction and going on a ride up inside while hearing Dame Judi Dench reminding us to thank the Phoenicians. however, that isn’t what I’m truly thankful for with Spaceship Earth. I think it really comes down to what Spaceship Earth represents. It is also how it makes me feel.

Spaceship Earth has always been a signal of hope and possibility to me. It is such a unique structure that continues to only get more beautiful with age. With the recent transformation of of the area around Spaceship Earth, this has gotten even better. This is especially true at night. The look and feel of the whole area promises a bright and shining future. The light shows at night on the outside of Spaceship earth just adds to this. This got even better during EPCOT’s 40th anniversary and the show that was presented during it. It was a celebration of the past and also represented the exciting things to come in the future.

Spaceship Earth is a beautiful reminder of the power of imagination and following dreams. I’m thankful for what it represents and the hope it makes me feel. I always look forward to seeing it when I visit Walt Disney World and I can’t wait to see it on my next visit!

What do you think of Spaceship Earth? What are you thankful for today? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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