Disneyland’s Main Street Fire Engine Celebrates 65 Years on Main Street

Today the Fire Engine at Disneyland celebrates 65 years of driving up and down Main Street, USA. On August 16, 1958, the Fire Engine was added to the fleet of vehicles on Main Street, USA. It was a favorite vehicle of Walt Disney, who loved to drive it around the park in the mornings before Disneyland opened. One of the last photos ever taken of Walt Disney was with Mickey Mouse on the Fire Engine in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. It was designed by Disney Legend Bob Gurr and is a Disneyfied version of a 1916 fire engine, along with some other inspirations.

This week there has been a photo opportunity with a sign celebrating the 65th anniversary of the fire engine. Some of the Daps Magic team took photos with the fire engine on Sunday night.

The fire engine has been a fan favorite for guests visiting Disneyland for over six decades. Disney has shared some facts about this iconic vehicle:

  1. It made its debut in 1958 as the last addition to Disneyland park’s classic vehicle fleet.
  2. The vehicle is not licensed to drive on public streets, so it is exclusive to the Disneyland Resort.
  3. Although it cruises up and down Main Street, U.S.A. at 5 miles per hour with guests in tow, the Fire Engine’s top speed is 35 miles per hour.
  4. As a true piece of beloved Disney history, the Fire Engine is kept in immaculate condition, and its details always look sparkly and new.
  5. The truck was inspired by turn-of-the-early 20th century Fire Engines, such as the 1907 Rambler and vintage LaFrance fire trucks.

For the last 40+ years, Steve Finley has been seen driving the Fire Engine. Steve hired in at Disneyland in 1973 and started at the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant. A few years later he moved to Main Street vehicles where he has been driving the Fire Engine ever since (about 45 years if we counted right)! Steve has driven the Fire Engine for special events including the Rose Bowl Parade and recently for Patrick Mahomes after the Super Bowl.

The Main Street Fire Engine is an iconic attraction and vehicle at the Disneyland Resort. It’s bell and horn can be heard as it makes its way from Town Square on Main Street, USA up to Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is a great attraction to start a day at Disneyland with. Not only is it a fun ride, the driver (often Steve) is often a lot of fun to chat with as well. Here’s to 65 years of the Main Street Fire Engine and to 65 years more!

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