The Disneyland Resort Celebrates the 4th of July with Fireworks, Marine Band, and More!

It is always special to celebrate holidays at the Disneyland Resort. The 4th of July is one of those holidays that come alive for guests who are visiting. Along with the incredible fireworks, there are plenty of other things to experience during this holiday beyond the normal attractions, food and beverages, and entertainment.

Daps Magic team member Angela stopped by the Disneyland Resort for the 4th of July to continue to capture the different patriotic offerings that were offered on video. This came after multiple offerings of the 1st Marine Division Band and also the 562nd Air Force Band were documented by other team members (including me!) the day before. There was no shortage of patriotic offerings to enjoy throughout the Disneyland Resort and it was nearly impossible to catch it all. However, she was able to catch most of it!

Avengers Assemble! with Captain America

Over in Avengers Campus, the Avengers Assemble! stunt show was featuring Captain America. Whether this was a happy coincidence or intentional is unknown. However, the Star Spangled Man with a plan was helping Black Widow fight Taskmaster and keep the Avengers HQ safe. This stunt show was performed several times throughout the day and is always fun, in this case, it added an extra little bit of America (or Captain America) to the day as well.

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Rogers: The Musical

Also at Disney California Adventure, Rogers: The Musical was being offered throughout the day at the Hyperion Theater. This show that was written about Steve Rogers/Captain America has only been around for a week and will continue through the summer during its limited run. It was a perfect addition to the patriotic lineup for guests at the Disneyland Resort as well. While it may not be an offering specific to the 4th of July, the day is Steve Rogers’ birthday so it is very appropriate!

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Dapper Dans

Over at Disneyland, there were plenty of patriotic things happening as well. The Dapper Dans could be seen in their 4th of July patriotic outfits as they brought smiles to the faces of those watching them sing. They also later appeared in the Patriotic Flag Retreat.

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Patriotic Flag Retreat with 1st Marine Division Band

The Patriotic Flag Retreat is always a special part of the day. Along with the retiring of the colors, those who are in the military services or those who have served are recognized and honored around the flag pole. Quite often this ceremony is done with the Disneyland Band, the Dapper Dans, and the Disneyland Resort Security Honor Detail. In the case of the 4th of July, the 1st Marine Division Band from Camp Pendleton participated with the Dapper Dans and the Disneyland Resort Security Honor Detail. This was a beautiful ceremony and it was followed by the 1st Marine Division Band marching along the parade route from Town Square to it’s a small world.

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The 1st Marine Division Band also performed a concert in Fantasyland Theater. The concert included some patriotic music, Disney music, and even some music heard in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! This was a beautiful performance and one of the highlights of the day for those in attendance. The concert included the following songs:

  • Godspeed – Steven Melillo (1957)
  • The Star-Spangled Banner – John Stafford Smith (1750-1836)
  • Espirit de Corps – Robert Jager (1854-1932
  • It’s Been a Long, Long Time – Jule Styne (1905-1994) / Sammy Cahn (1913-1993) Arr. James L. Hosey (1959)
  • Disney Princess Medley – Arr. Derrick Atangan, USMC (1993)
  • Melody Shop – Karl Lawrence King (1891-1971)
  • Avengers Theme – Alan Silvestri (1950) Arr. Derrick Atangan, USMC (1993)
  • Armed Forces ’72 – Arr. Thomas Powell Knox (1937-2004)
  • Stars and Stripes Forever – John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)

1st Marine Division Band Concert at Fantasyland Theatre

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No 4th of July at Disneyland Resort would be complete without fireworks! Disney’s Celebrate America! – A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky is a fantastic patriotic firework show that has become an annual tradition for many Disney fans through the years. This fireworks spectacular has plenty of patriotic colors in its pyrotechnics and projections and also plenty of patriotic turns throughout its 13-minute run.

Disney’s Celebrate America! – A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky

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The 4th of July is a fantastic day to visit the Disneyland Resort. It brings in lots of guests both locally and from out of town that want to celebrate in a way that only Disney can offer. It has fantastic entertainment, food, and of course fireworks. For those that are in Disney California Adventure in the evening, there is also a patriotic addition ahead of World of Color – ONE. Overall, the Disneyland Resort is a great place to celebrate anything but especially the 4th of July!

What do you think of the 4th of July offerings at the Disneyland Resort? Which of the above patriotic presentations is your favorite? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!