Donald Glover to Write ‘Lando’ Series With Brother Stephen

Things are apparently continuing to move forward slowly on the Lando spinoff series.  Donald and Stephen Glover are now set to write the series for Lucasfilm that will end up on Disney+ Variety is reporting.

The brothers are taking over from Justin Simien, who recently directed Disney’s Haunted Mansion. When the project was first announced in 2020, Simien was attached to it. It appears that Simien is no longer attached the project. Variety is reporting that the Glover brothers are writing this project by themselves. The deal for them to take over the writing duties was made before the current writers strike.

Lando Calrissian was original portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In Ron Howard’s Solo, Donald Glover took over the role of Lando for this origin story of Han Solo. In this film Alden Ehrenreich portrayed solo. It isn’t known if he will be returning for this series.

Glover recently spoke in April about returning to the role of Lando. At the time, he also admitted that he was in talks with Lucasfilm about returning.

“I would love to play Lando again. It’s a fun time, being him. It just has to be the right way to do it. Time is precious. The past couple of years, this pandemic shit, it really had people experience time… People realize their time is valuable. You only get so much. I’m not interested in doing anything that’s going to be a waste of my time or just a paycheck. I’d much rather spend time with people that I enjoy. It just has to be the right thing, and I think it could be. Lando is definitely somebody I like to hang out with,” he told GQ.

A timeline for this Disney+ series is completely unknown currently. The strikes will need to be negotiated and resolved first before things can move forward with the writing and then this new Lando series can go into production.

What do you think of Donald and Stephen Glover taking over the writing duties for Lando? Are you excited about this Star Wars series for Lucasfilm? Where do you think this story should go? Share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the comments below!