The Muppets Mayhem

The Electric Mayhem Are Now Billboard-charting Artists!

For decades The Electric Mayhem has been making music and making people happy with their performances on The Muppets Show, in Muppets movies, and in other places through the years. This includes a live performance in Outside Lands in 2016 and the Hollywood Bowl in 2017 and O2 in 2018. Now the band is appearing on Disney+ in its own series, The Muppets Mayhem. With the arrival of this series that focuses on the band making its first album ever, the band also made an actual album. It also turns out that people really like this album (and series)!

Billboard has revealed that the soundtrack for The Muppets Mayhem has entered its charts for Kids Album in the No. 13 spot. This means that the first time The Electric Mayhem released an album they became Billboard-charting artists. The soundtrack includes 17 songs on it that are performed by The Electric Mayhem. There are also five scores that are by Mick Giacchino. The list of songs include a compilation of titles that are original to the band and series along with covers of some other well-known bands. This includes The Beach Boys, Cyndi Lauper, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who, and others.

In a recent interview with Daps Magic, The Electric Mayhem shared about their career and making The Muppets Mayhem. This was done as they were creating their album, which Floyd Pepper said he hopes everyone will go out and get (or listen to). The soundtrack can be found on music streaming services and there is also a vinyl album simply titled The Electric Mayhem.

The Electric Mayhem is made up of Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Animal, Janice, Zoot, and Lips. Daps Magic has reviewed the soundtrack (read here) and also the vinyl (read here). There is also a review of The Muppets Mayhem (read here). All episodes The Muppets Mayhem can currently be seen on Disney+.

he Muppets Mayhem Track List

  • Rock On
  • Gotta Be
  • True Colors
  • The Sound of Us
  • Have a Little Faith in Me
  • Join Together
  • We Are One
  • Can You Picture That?
  • God Only Knows
  • On Our Way
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Rock and Roll All Nite
  • Gonna Get There
  • Believe in Us (Extended Version)
  • Makin’ Mayhem (featuring Sofia Carson)
  • All You Need Is Love
  • The Muppets Mayhem Medley (Mick Giacchino)
  • Marshmullucinations (Mick Giacchino)
  • Nora’s Medley (Mick Giacchino)
  • Zoot’s Suits (Mick Giacchino)
  • The Muppets Mayhem End Credits (Mick Giacchino)

What do you think of The Electric Mayhem making it on the Billboard charts? Have you listened to the soundtrack yet? What was your favorite track on it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!