“Star Trek: Picard” Returns to Nielson’s Top 10 Once Again

Star Trek: Picard - Featured Image

Star Trek: Picard now has all of its episodes streaming on Paramount+. It also is now appearing on the Nielson Top 10 once again. This time the Star Trek series made it to this list of original streaming shows in the USA for its penultimate episode Vox. It took spot number 10 this time, whereas last time it took the 9th slot.

With the arrival on this Top 10 list, Star Trek: Picard is in the company of other shows like Ted Lasso and The Mandalorian. This list covered the week of April 10-16, 2023. Star Trek: Picard is also the only Paramount+ show to be recognized on this list that is mostly made up of shows from Netflix. With it appearing on this Top 10 list a second time, it makes Star Trek: Picard the only Paramount+ series to do this. Previously Yellowstone 1923 appeared on Nielson’s Top 10 list in March. It should be noted that Nielson just added the streaming service to its ratings earlier this year.

Vox is the 9th episode of Star Trek: Picard. In this episode, the crew finds them up against a long-time foe and things look quite bleak until… they discover that their path to success might lead through their old home. The final episode, The Last Generation, was the final episode of the last series of Star Trek: Picard.

Recently on an earnings call, Paramount Global credited Star Trek: Picard as one of the drivers for its solid subscription numbers for Paramount+. There are now 60 million on this streaming service which includes an additional 4.1 million during the last quarter.

The success of Star Trek: Picard on the streaming service could give reasons for hope for Star Trek fans hoping for a show that is commonly referred to as Star Trek: Legacy. Fans have started a petition on change.org to create this series with Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas at the helm. It would continue the story that is set up at the end of Star Trek: Picard with the new captain of the Enterprise.

At this point, this petition has more signatures than a similar one that led to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. There has been no announcement for this potential series and according to Matalas, it has not been green-lit at this point. With the current writer’s strike and also the stretched-out release schedule for Star Trek programming, it doesn’t appear that Star Trek: Legacy will be a thing that fans can watch anytime soon. That is assuming that it does indeed happen.

What do you think of Star Trek: Picard making it on the Nielson Top 10 list for a second time? Do you think it will make it a third time? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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