Looking Back… Three Years Later

It’s hard to imagine but 3 years ago at this very moment (when writing this) Disneyland was closing for what was thought to be just a couple of weeks. The parks were closing and there was almost a party like feeling in the air as characters waved goodnight and goodbye. The original two week closure continued on to months and then ended up being over a year. The closing moment was almost celebratory but things would soon change after that.

One day later, on March 14, 2023, things had already changed quite a bit. While the parks were closed, Downtown Disney District remained open for a short time. Not realizing things would change even more, the Daps Magic team stopped by Downtown Disney District to see what was going on and livestream the day.

Three years later, the parks are open. Things are relatively back to normal but some things have changed. Despite all that has happened, the Disney magic continues to be magical. Fireworks are back, parades are back, and characters are meeting with guests again. Disneyland is welcoming people back again as they experience the happiest place on Earth. There were some times where the magic was a little harder to experience, but now once again guests can visit on any day. After everything everyone has been through, the ability to return to the Disneyland Resort is something that is even more valuable and worth being more thankful for. The magic continues and the cast members that make it are still some of the best people anywhere. The magic cast members make continues to make a difference every day and continues to make people happy. The world isn’t a perfect place, but Disneyland Resort and the magic that comes from it makes it a little bit better every day.

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