Kansas City Chiefs Fans Cram into Disneyland to Get Glimpse of Super Bowl LVII MVP Patrick Mahomes in Celebratory Cavalcade

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs crammed into Disneyland on Monday February 13, 2023 in an effort to see Super Bowl LVII MVP Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes was visiting Disneyland after winning the Super Bowl and exclaiming “I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!” after the big game. Throughout the day he could be seen by fans enjoying the park, doing interviews, and also being the honored guests in a cavalcade down the parade route. Ahead of the cavalcade, Mahomes could be seen riding down Main Street, USA on the Main Street fire engine after an interview.

The cavalcade was at 1:30 PM and fans began lining up well before, particularly on Main Street, USA and in Town Square. However, by 12:30 PM, most spots along the parade route were taken up by excited fans, many of them wearing Chiefs colors. As the time neared for the cavalcade, the energy was palpable. People were taking up every inch of space along the parade route as they hoped to get a glimpse of Mahones.

The energy spiked as the music began and the cavalcade appeared. The waiting crowd could be heard cheering along the entire route. People cheered, screamed, and waved as the MVP made his way by on a float that had been specially decorated for the day. He was joined by Disney dancers and several Disney friends. This included Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on the float and Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, and Dale up in front of the float with the dancers that were helping hype up the crowd as they danced.

Super Bowl LVII Cavalcade with MVP Patrick Mahoney of the Kansas City Chiefs

As the cavalcade made its way through the park, cheers could be heard from well away from the parade route. On Main Street, the roar was almost deafening as the crowds cheered under falling confetti. As the cavalcade made its way around Town Square and then backstage, the cheers grew louder as fans strained for that last celebratory glimpse and moment.

The moment gone, fans began to stream out of the park. Some of them were heading to Disney California Adventure, and others headed home. There were lots of smiles on faces, happy chatter, and positive energy as the win of the Kansas City Chiefs was celebrated by their fans.

Visiting Disneyland on a day like this is always a very different experience. It brings in a different crowd that definitely has a different agenda, in this they want to see Patric Mahomes. Often the feel of the park around the excitement of the event is reflected by the culture of fans. Judging by this year’s experience, there were a lot of happy fans that seemed pretty chill and were happy to help each other get places to watch the cavalcade and get to be a part of this historical moment. It was all-in-all a very positive experience and place to be with a lot of joyful fans.

Were you at the Super Bowl cavalcade to see Patrick Mahomes? If not, have you been to one of these before? What was your experience? Was it fun? Share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions in the comments below!

Super Bowl LVII Cavalcade with MVP Patrick Mahoney of the Kansas City Chiefs Photos