Caption of the Week – Week #1

Welcome to the return of the Caption of the Week on Daps Magic! This is a return of an activity that used to be on the site years ago but with some technological upgrades we weren’t sure how to pull it off. However, we think we have overcome this and so we are bringing back it back! We hope you enjoy it as much as we are hoping everyone will!

Here is how it works:

Each week, the Daps Magic team will select and post a photo that will be the designated Caption of the Week photo. It will be posted in a post much like this one. Once posted, captions can begin to be submitted. This can be done simply by leaving a comment in the comments section below. There are no limits on how many captions someone can submit each week. Throughout the week, return to this page to check out other captions and vote on them by clicking on the thumbs up for your favorite caption. While you can vote more than once, it may not be beneficial to help your favorite caption win. On Saturday nights, the votes for the captions will be counted and the winning caption will be added to the photo. This will be what sticks with this photo for posterity and will be what is seen in the Caption of the Week photo gallery. As you are writing your captions, please keep them family friendly and kind! Without further ado, let’s make some captions!

Caption of the Week Photo – Week #1

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Din Jarin: They’re taking our picture. Do we smile now?
Boba Fett: I’ve been smiling. Aren’t you?

– Michael O’Campo

We look forward to seeing your captions and see how this develops! Please share this with your friends and family to get them to vote for your caption and perhaps to create captions of their own! Check back on Sunday to see what caption won and also what next week’s photo will be!