Two Captains Log: Star Trek Prodigy – S1E20

We are at the end of another run of a season of Star Trek. Supernova part two was definitely an extension of its first part. The crew of the Protostar sets course on a way to stop the trap that will defeat the Federation. But, their solution comes at a cost. While the crew takes off on a shuttlecraft, hologram Janeway stays behind to make sure the Protostar goes on its protospeed course and destructs. The plan succeeds, and Admiral Janeway argues for the kids of the Protostar to have their criminal record expunged…all while the shuttle still makes its way to Earth. The crew of the Protostar aren’t quite able to enter into Starfleet Academy, but they will be special officers under the care of Admiral Janeway. Gwen is the only officer not able to join since she is technically from a time before first contact of her planet. She returns to her home planet, while the rest prepare for their new journey to find Chakotay and the original Protostar crew. With that, it is time to discuss what we thought of the episode!


Mr. Daps: “This week’s episode I thought had better music than the previous. I liked the nods to Voyager in it. I think this is the right direction to go and I enjoyed it. I still don’t think this series has the strongest soundtrack but it is heading in the right direction!”

Murray: “For a season finale episode, I’m not sure the music was unique. It fit and hit all the points that it needed to, but it wasn’t anything epic or too strong for what it could have been.”


Mr. Daps: “This week was a good week for design. From all the ships to Starfleet HQ, there was a lot to look at and enjoy. I also thought the Protowarp effect was a good choice along with the wormhole that followed. There really wasn’t anything in this episode that made my eyebrow go up. It was definitely a fun one to look at.”

Murray: “The opening shot alone was a huge set design! Seeing so many ships again and even the consequences of the trap were big. Then there were shots of Starfleet Headquarters at the end, and it all was executed amazingly. I have a feeling a lot of budget went to this, but that’s ok to see what they are capable of in this show.”


Mr. Daps: “I really enjoyed this episode’s story. Yes, it definitely was the second half of a two-part episode, but it did it in a very solid way. It resolved many things from this season, opened the door for what looks to be an awesome second season, and it moved all of the character’s stories forward. I think it was one of the better stories of the year. I think it also would be best viewed right after the first half of the season finale.”

Murray: “For it being a part two, it was a great story with a lot of heart. But, it was definitely a part two. There’s not a lot of exposition, and there’s more of an epilogue instead. With that, it still had a good pacing of story and the right course. It’s that it ends up being stronger viewed right after the first part, as one big episode.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This week was a big hit for me. It took the viewer on an emotional journey with some ups and downs. It concluded the main story arc of season one. It set up a second season. It really nailed what Starfleet is about and felt very Star Trek. I was reminded of some of my favorite Star Trek movies from when I was growing up. I’m very much looking forward to seeing where this series goes!”

Murray: “This was a definite hit. Though it has that jump in the middle of the action feel, they did a great job at rounding all things out by the end. It puts us on a path for next season, and we had two emotional farewells. Though, I have my doubts this is the last we see of Gwen. It was also a chance to see what Star Trek is about, as Admiral Janeway eluded to in her speech about how the kids exemplify Starfleet. In all, a great end of the season and it makes me highly anticipate the next.”