Two Captains Log: Star Trek Prodigy S1E17

It’s time again to look at Star Trek Prodigy and what is happening with the Protostar crew. This time they are on the holodeck trying simulations to escape both Romulans and the Dauntless. The holodeck malfunctions to trap them on an escape room type scenario. When the mystery as to why they are trapped is solved, it’s revealed the Janeway hologram has a subconscious code to have them not interfere with the main mission of the ship. And here we go with our thoughts!


Mr. Daps: “The music this week seemed stronger than other weeks. While it still isn’t my favorite, I did notice distinct themes throughout the episode. I also felt like the music did a solid job of accompanying the episode.”

Murray: “There were some distinct themes from the Abrams Star Trek film series. Though I liked the movies and the score, it did stick out for me in this series. I’m not sure it’s the place for it. Nonetheless, it is getting better and better scores. And this episode also featured a full song that was rather fun to listen to.”


Mr. Daps: “This was a fun week for design just because of the nature of the story. The crew went to a lot of different places on the holodeck, each with a different look and feel. I felt like the team got a chance to be creative and they rose to the challenge. It was a lot of fun to watch and to look at.”

Murray: “Having a variety of holodeck simulations gave way to a lot of designs. I especially liked the lighthouse mystery lodge setting. It evoked a lot of mystery games for me. It was nice to see some interesting settings that weren’t in space.”


Mr. Daps: “This week’s story was not my favorite. I felt like most of it was not super original. It was a concept that has been used before and was fairly predictable. Yes, there was the hook at the end of where the issue came from and the consequence of this action but… I’m not sure if the last couple of minutes made up for the redundancy of the bulk of the story.”

Murray: “Even though the motive and outcome of the adventure was different than we’ve seen elsewhere, it was a bit of a recycled story. Next Generation had several ‘holodeck gone wrong’ plot lines alone. It did have a nice flow to it, and the twist as to what was happening was different from other series. The idea that a crew of theirs is sabotaging it instead of an exact glitch or hack hasn’t been used…or at least not a lot.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This week was a definite miss for me. The last couple of minutes alone was a hit but the bulk of the episode felt unoriginal and a continuation of last week’s aimless wandering. I really want the more solid storytelling that has been consistent in most of the new Star Trek shows, including this one. I found myself looking at my watch during this episode and wondering when something REALLY was going to happen. While it did at the end, it didn’t redeem the episode. It DOES give me hope for next week though!”

Murray: “While I liked the quicker format of getting to the holodeck solution, I am giving it a miss. It felt too recycled for me to fully enjoy the episode. I still really liked the outcome and how it feeds into the rest of the remaining episodes. But, I still give it a miss for that bit of mundane holodeck adventure episode. But, I guess all Trek shows usually have to have that now.”