Clip of the Musical Theme for the USS Titan-A Has Been Revealed by “Star Trek: Picard” Showrunner

The upcoming theme for the USS Titan-A has been revealed by Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas. Matalas shared a clip of the new music on Instagram giving a hint at what is to come in season three of Picard. The music was written by Stephen Barton. Matalas shared the clip with the following caption:

A tiny, tiny sneak listen of Stephen Barton’s Titan theme (Unmixed live recording with cropped video to avoid spoilers!) Happy Holidays! #startrekpicard

Terry Matalas Instagram

The theme for the Titan evokes a feel of some of the classic Star Trek movies. The first couple of seconds is very reminiscent of James Horner’s Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn and the following Star Trek: The Search for Spock score. In fact, for someone who isn’t paying close attention it could easily be confused with some of the music from The Wrath of Kahn or the similar Search for Spock score. There are also some moments in the clip that feel connected to other Star Trek films with the crew of the original Enterprise and Enterprise-A. As the clip nears its ending, there are also some moments that have a Star Trek: The Final Frontier (composed by Jerry Goldsmith) vibes going on. All of these things are very good things for classic Star Trek fans. Listen to the music clip that was shared by Terry Matalas here:

In season three of Star Trek: Picard, the USS Titan-A will be the hero ship that is featured. Previously the USS Titan was under the command of Captain Riker. It was actually his first command. This was revealed at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis and then Riker can be seen commanding the Titan on Star Trek: Lower Decks. Years later, this Luna class ship has been “damaged and retired,” Matalas shared to He continued and explained that “some of the systems were refit and put into this new Titan, the Titan-A.”

The ship digs back into some classic Star Trek roots as it is built for exploration. It is also a bit of an underdog. “The new Titan is more of a long-range workhorse of a ship. Harkening back to the Constitution class that was designed for the long 5-year missions. It is an exploratory vessel with some serious maneuvering capabilities,” Matalas shared.

A very conscious effort was made to create a design for the Titan-A that hearkened back to the days of Constitution class ships. The most noticeable difference is the saucer. It feels very classic. It was explained that “the round saucers and the wide saucers are inherently more stable in an emergency atmospheric entry.” He also shared that “the Enterprise-E was also created during the time of the Borg invasion and had a specific design put in it for that purpose. Now that the Borg are no longer seen as a major threat, the new designs would revert back to previous ‘scientific exploration’ type designs.” Along with the politics and logistics of new ships being built for Starfleet, some things and designs just can’t be beat. This is true with multiple things, including some airplanes. Matalas concluded with the thought that “the Constitution Class starship is a perfect design. So, this is simple aircraft logic. That’s what defines Star Trek tech. You can thank Matt Jefferies.”

Star Trek: Picard - USS Titan-A

While it isn’t known who will be in command of the Titan-A (no, it’s not Seven of Nine), it is known that the Captain of the ship will be a major player in this coming season. There are a lot of things to be excited about with the return of Picard on Paramount+ on February 16, 2023. This will be the start of a ten-episode final season for Picard with new episodes released on Thursdays on the streaming service.

What do you think about the USS Titan-A so far and the clip that has been released of its musical theme? What are you most excited about with this upcoming season? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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